Thursday, February 12, 2015

Restaurant Reveal (Before and Afters)

After 6 months of craziness, George's On The Town is officially up and running! I was so humbled by this entire experience and learned oh so much along the way. It's good to be stretched and challenged...that's the only way growth can occur.

If you happen to find yourself in Georgetown, Texas one day, you must stop in and grab a bite. Until then, enjoy these shots...

There is a serious lack of windows in this space so multiple mirrors help trick you into thinking there's more.

Name that person?! This oversized art piece is an original by artist, Brian Olsen. He's a speed painter. I kid you not, this huge painting was completed in less than 10 minutes. You can see him in action here.

Yes, the fiddle leaf figs are real!

Works of art appear to be floating on top of the slatted indoor pergola.

I like how the shiplap booth back plays with the slatted wall.

Another beautiful painting for sale to help fund the artist's Haitian missions.

Brass pendants, 100 y.o. reclaimed brick and shiplap.

Fun fact: the neon sign is actually my handwriting. 

Texture, texture, texture.

Curvy little barstools.

The daytime look, although operating hours are from 4pm - midnight.

Comfy chairs so people won't want to leave the bar. It's all about subliminal messages. ;)

Open chandeliers keep the view from being obstructed.

Curtain divider panels help soften the space.

Anyone else love this chandelier as much as I do?

This area is still waiting on custom booths, but I wanted you to get a better look at those amazing lights. The arms are hinged to open and close. We were going for spider look.

Custom designed vanity to house the trough sink.

Here's the crew. I can't say enough about how their dedication and passion for this restaurant! May your hard work be rewarded greatly, fellas.

And because we all love to see where things started, here's what it looked like my first day on the job:

We've come a long way! 

George's On The Town
708 South IH 35
Georgetown, Tx 78628

Friday, February 6, 2015

Restaurant Update (Art Reveal)

I am so excited to share with you a story about an artist, a mission and how this all relates to my latest restaurant design project. My initial design for the restaurant did not include art. In fact, 2 large photographs were the only "art" I intended to incorporate. The rest of the design was minimal and based on architectural elements.

As the project was nearing completion, suddenly the lack of art became an issue for the owner. We had several conversations about his expectations and I presented a handful of options that never satisfied him. Feeling deflated, I logged onto Facebook to let my mind be numb for a few minutes and lo and behold the post staring me in the face was my artist friend, Micheal Hammons, stating he was thinking of selling his art to fund future mission trips to Haiti!

I could barely contain my excitement as I knew this was God's timing and the exact answer I was searching for!!! I immediately called the owner and was shocked when he responded "yes" within minutes of my proposal. Ya'll, yes' have been VERY hard to come by in this project so the fact that he answered so quickly was yet another sign that this was God's handiwork.

Now that you know the background, let me introduce you to my friend...

Here's a bit about Micheal and his mission. I snagged this excerpt from his flyer:

"Hello! My name is Micheal. I am an artist and I also am deaf. My first mission trip to Haiti was in November 2014 and I immediately fell in love with the Haitian people; especially the Deaf Community in the Village of Leveque. I received my ASL Certificate in May 2014 and am now able to communicate with the Deaf Community thru American Sign Language and Creole Signing. I knew that God had a purpose when He made it possible for me to obtain my ASL Certificate and I believe that a large part of that purpose includes me being a missionary to the Deaf in Haiti. Four goals I hope to accomplish through my ministry to the Deaf Community are enlightenment, empowerment, education and employment. I envision two to three trips per year to Haiti working with the Deaf Community to even begin to realize these goals. Because God has blessed me with a love and talent for art, 100% of the sale of any artwork on display here or sold through my online store on Facebook (look for "Shop" in the left sidebar) will go towards financing my future missions to Haiti. Also, feel free to send me your contact information through my online store and I will keep you updated on my trips and progress made. Thank you for your support in making these missions possible." 
                                                         -Micheal Hammons, artist/missionary

 I stopped by his studio to make selections earlier this week. It was no easy task. There were so many brilliant pieces to choose from.

 A mix of past and present paintings.

 I tried to pry his dog portraits away from him but had no such luck. They're "his" dogs and "his" paintings, i.e. not for sell. Darn!

 These next two paintings are Michael's newest works inspired from his most recent trip to Haiti. I can't do them justice via my novice photography skills. They truly come to life when you see them in person. The colors are phenomenal and the feelings they evoke are unspeakable.

 Portrait of "Tamalyon" who is Micheal's deaf friend in the Village of Levequee, Haiti. 

 Two of the three paintings available in the restaurant.

I narrowed down my selection to 5 of Micheal's masterpieces and they're now hanging in the restaurant and available to be purchased! I'm praying these beauties fly off the walls so fast that Micheal has a hard time keeping up with the demand. 

I know many of you aren't local and won't have the pleasure of seeing his work in this venue but please take a minute to visit his facebook page, here, to "like" it and spread the word of his quest to make a difference in the Deaf Communities in Haiti. Another way to support Micheal is by visiting his Go Fund Me page.

I have to be transparent here, I shared in this post back in July, that I was terrified of the restaurant project and had no clue if I was qualified to tackle it. As things began to unfold with Micheal's art it quickly became blatantly clear to me that my involvement had nothing to do with "designing" but rather was part of a bigger picture...God's design.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015...the year of the bathroom

Happy New Year, friends! I'm proclaiming this year as the year of the bathroom. In my dreamworld, I'd love to tackle every single bathroom in our house, but in reality I'll be doing good to cover just one.

Our house was built in the 80's so the bathrooms are in dire need of updating...massive garden-style jacuzzi tubs, fiberglass shower surrounds and waaaaay too many mirrors. News flash, these things are totally out of style this year. You're shocked, I'm sure.

So what's in style? I've given myself a year and a half of living in this house to really, really think about what style I plan to pull off. Guess what conclusion I've come to? I don't care what's in style! If I were going with the trend, I'd have a gorgeous, white bathroom covered in beautiful marble. As much as I truly appreciate this look, it's just not us.

What is us? Natural, raw and simple. Think wood, concrete and steel. Let's take a look...
Love the wood surrounds on these tubs. We're shower people, not tub people. I'd omit the tub all together if I could get away with it, but I have to think resale value for on down the line.
I'll be scouring the sales to find an inexpensive tub (good place to save money) then dress it up with a little wood. 

Speaking of wood...
You see headboard, I see backsplash. A little live edge sneaking up behind our sinks, oh yeah!

Samples of these are headed my way...
Cement hexagon tiles in a muted colorway. A splurge for sure if they make the final plan, but oh what a statement they would make!

Now, let's talk about steel.
Steel framed doors and windows add a graphic punch while remaining clean and minimal. I'm thinking shower surround. Our current surround is shiny and gold that I painted black. It's starting to chip so that's a sign, right? ;)

Last but not least, there's this...
This celtic, architectural piece has popped up twice now on Craigslist. It's speaking to me.

There ya have it, the beginnings of our bathroom design swimming around in my brain. It'll be interesting to see the end result once reality/price tags start attaching themselves to my dreams!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Restaurant remodel update

I'm still pluggin' away with the restaurant remodel. It's been quite a challenge working on this project long distance. Fortunately, we've only had one 'Holy smokes you have to get here NOW!' moment.

I've begged the trades to send me progress pictures along the way. Here's what they've sent:
I designed a 3-dimensional wall treatment. (Can you say signature item?) We'll put a neon light on the right side to finish out this fun focal wall. Can't wait to show you all the end result. Who am I kidding?... I can't wait to see the end result!

Bathrooms are tiled and currently waiting for the concrete floors to be stained, vessel sinks, mirrors and lights. 
We opted to use a tile that looks like linen. It has great texture but sadly doesn't show in this picture at all. The contractor looked at me like I was crazy when I told him we were using light grout with dark tile. Slowly but surely I plan to turn him into a believer!

This picture is mid-installation but shows lots of goodies if you look around...planked wall to the right, brick wall in the background and stacked stone up front. Our carpenter is working on a box that'll top off the half wall and give the illusion of the divider panels going from floor to ceiling.

The shiplap paneling is carried over into the waiting area and is painted light beige, almost white.

It's exciting to see things finally coming together as the sawdust begins to settle. Lighting is up next. I've ordered some great chandeliers from etsy that are due to arrive this week.

God's been working in amazing ways when it comes to the art we hope to use. Meetings are still in the works but as soon as the details are solid I'll share what's up my sleeve!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guest Bedroom Reveal (Before/After)

I'm loving the simplicity of our new guest room. My goal was to simplify and undecorate. I wanted a space that was calming for guests but not sterile. Ready to see the results?!
John made the headboard. I know you're not surprised, because we all know by now that John has mad skills. 

I typically do the finishing work on our projects, i.e. sanding, caulking, painting, etc, but I got out super easy on this one. We didn't finish any of it! Raw, natural and minimal.

We used select pine as the main pieces and primed MDF for the surround. The lighting in this shot makes it look a tad more yellow than it actually is. The below shots are a better representation of the true color.

Love how the bit of gold on the Ikea sconces tie in the gilded gold mirror from Wisteria.

I picked up the Snake Plant at Home Depot and it's supposed to be really hard to kill. I've had it for about 4 months now and so far so good. If you have a black thumb, this is a keeper!

I decided to nix throw pillows on the bed for several reasons. One, I didn't want to cover up John's hard work. And, two, guests don't have to worry about fussing with a ton of pillows. This frees up their time to visit more with us!

So, after 15 months of living in this house, here's the slow progression of this room:
Right after moving in. Pretty much a catch all space.

Finally got around to getting rid of the things I knew wouldn't work with my new vision and also got rid of the yellow paint color. New paint, Seashell by Benjamin Moore.


Plain and simple.
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