About Me

I was encouraged...Many years ago, a woman whom I admire, game me a compliment. Her words touched my soul. She wrote in an email that she viewed me as a "closet decorator...not the type you hang your clothes in!" I thought, "What? Does she see something in me that I don't even know exists?" I always call this friend for decorating advice. Are you telling me that she thinks that I can do this, and actually be good at it?! Her encouraging words have stuck with me and over the years I have allowed those words to take root in my heart and begin to grow. I'm beginning to believe them more and more each day as my love for decorating is taking on a new life. This same woman is an incredible spiritual role model for me. I love to watch the way she loves the Lord! So, it's a combination of her sweet words and her amazing ability to encourage, that has inspired me to create this blog, Make Them Wonder. If she hadn't have made me wonder about myself, I wouldn't have the confidence today to try something new and begin this journey.
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