Thursday, March 14, 2013

Come along on my house hunt...

It's time to get serious, people. No more looking and just thinking. We're to the point where the trigger needs to be pulled sooner than later.

Want to see what's on our plate in the next few days?

Option #1: Mid-century modern with lots of open space.
Cool house but not so sure about the quality of schools. Still need to do some research. The yard looks a little rough, but my brother owns a landscaping company so we'll have that sucker fixed up in no time.
I'm kinda digging these front doors.

Option #2: Our realtor spent several hours in this house last weekend. He was really excited about it. He kept telling me "this is the one." I kept telling him, "I hope it looks better in person, because I kinda think you're crazy!"

Love the big windows. Can't wait to slap some paint on that paneling!

Option #3: Cute entry, but let me warn you...they made this a close-up shot for a reason.

Nice, angled ceilings. Am I wrong to think someone could get lost in that fireplace?! White floors...hummm, love them but how livable are they?

Option #4: Really great curb appeal. Ahh, look at those trees! Do I want to go the traditional route?

Good bones. I'm seeing a new backsplash with new uppers. The rest is doable though.

Option #5: You know it's bad when there's only an exterior picture shown in the listing. Am I up for a challenge?

Option #6: Just found this one last night and FELL IN LOVE! I didn't even know something like this existed in Dallas. The downside? Super far commute for John, it's only 1600 sq. ft. and it just went under contract. Tears.
Pretty sure I could have had a hay day with this one.
Holy browness!

Hello, sweeties, I certainly wouldn't mind having my coffee with you every morning. 

Okay, friends, here's where you can help. This is the first time we're taking the kids house hunting with us. Please pray that something sparks some excitement in them and that they begin to look forward to the move instead of dreading it.

Check back next week for a recap of how these houses measured up in person. Wish us luck!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i have tears for you over the last one, too, but honestly, when i saw the second one (the one your husband said was the one) i got "that feeling" for you... i could totally se you making that one yours.

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

Good luck Dana! The homes in Dallas have an unexpected architecture element...all the angles are so unique!

pam {simple details} said...

Wow, what tough decisions, all I can think about is how much fun you'll have putting your spin on them! Good luck with the kiddos, that pool promise will probably come into play! :) said...

Oh fun! Mid century is calling your name and I want to live vicariously through you fixing one up so I say 1,2, or 3. Super helpful I know;).

Interior Design Musings said...

OK, I'm diggin the first one! And promise if you get it, you consider a lacquered finish on those fabulous mid century front doors!!! M.

Interior Design Musings said...

So much for you, btw - getting to go house shopping.

A Delightful Design said...

#1 is my favorite!! Those doors alone make me want the house for myself. I love the exterior of the traditional one, but I feel like you're boxed-in, style wise, with that kitchen. One thing I know for sure! Whichever house you pick will be FABULOUS when you are done with it. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the first house! The doors & wide entrance alone draw me in, but I really like the setting too! Good luck & looking forward to updates :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh my gosh Dana!!! This is so exciting and I can totally see you in one of those more funky, mid century modern houses. That first one with the doors has your name written all over it. When you see them in person you'll get a "feeling"…..I hope you all like the same one. Whatever you decide on I know you'll make it amazing!

Dee said...

Wow, I'm actually reaArely impressed with you housing stock! Here in Toronto we have some real dives going for $650,000 and up. We too are looking for a new house so I feel your pain. IS there a house closer to work and friends? I'd for sure check the schools and crime report for the neighborhood... unless your familiar! Good luck!! I think you have some great options full of potenital.

Julio Oyola said...

If I were in your place, it would be hard for me to make a decision. These houses are all beautiful! But I love the space the option number two provides. There's a lot of space to let your creativity loose while decorating the place. I wish they all look as beautiful in person as they do in the pictures. Thanks for posting!

Julio Oyola

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