Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Statement Chair with One Kings Lane

Statement chairs have been around for years and if you're a blog reader, you may have noticed there's a bit of a buzz going on. Have you seen the statement chairs over at The Hunted Interior or A Creative Day?

My statement chair was one of the first purchases we made for our previous house 6 years ago. I bought it because I was looking for something big and comfy. Honestly, I didn't put much thought into the history of the chair, but with One Kings Lane's new resource guide the information is right at my fingertips. Boy, someone over there has really done their homework...oodles and oodles of furniture information right under your nose! It's the jackpot for someone who's into furniture restoration. Need to know what period your craigslist score is from, check here. Want to add a crazy juxtaposition to your room like I did? Look here for a little, okay a lot, of inspiration.

And, want to know one of my biggest design mistakes?...purchasing this chair! What??!! I pulled the trigger before I was confident in my design choices/abilities. I took a friend with me to the store and since she has impeccable design taste, liked the chair, gave it her blessing, I bought it. 

So where did I go wrong? I didn't listen to my gut. I repeat, I didn't listen to my gut. Are you catching my drift on how important that is?

I knew I wanted a bold, geometric fabric for this chair but it wasn't offered in the manufacturer's selections so I settled. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Don't ever settle. 

So, friends, don't be stupid like me. Use the resources available, like the one from One Kings Lane. Take the time to see what's available and think about your own personal taste. Then, make your informed decision, purchase the statement chair your heart desires, and be confident that you've made a great choice. Learn from my're welcome! ;)

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jackie jade said...

ah I definitely have some things I bought where I didn't listen to my gut, so I know what you mean. maybe you can get it recovered in an awesome fun fabric that you love?
-- jackie @ jade and oak

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