What are people saying?

"We are big fans of Dana Frieling!  We came to her with an outdated mess of a kitchen and foggy ideas of what we wanted.  She then created an awesome plan, took time to shop with us to pick out the different pieces, and encouraged us all along the way.  I appreciated her quick response to e-mails and questions, and she was very respectful of our time.  Her eye for color, fabrics, textures and sizes of each component in a room were outstanding and I would use her again in an instant.  We get lots of "wow's" from our beautiful kitchen and we could not have done it without Dana's help!  She is so gifted in visualizing beautiful rooms and spaces, and I highly recommend her!" -Jenny

*Click here to see Jenny's beautiful kitchen.

"I was looking for unique ideas to update my home, so Dana's creativity and vision made her the perfect designer for me.  She kindly searched for multiple options I would have never thought of on my own. She not only had amazing ideas to begin with, but she ensured I was pleased until the project was complete.  In the end, I am thrilled with my one-of-a-kind dining room.  It will be a pleasure to work with her again soon."  -Christie

*Click here to see Christie's dining room ceiling treatment.

"My interior design experience with Dana has been fabulous!  She listens to what you want, has an impeccable eye as to what would be a perfect design solution & delivers quite an elegant, yet low cost solution. Perfect in my book!  And to top it off....she's very easy to work with!" -Julie

"Dana has been helping me over the past month update and add color to my home. Everything was literally brown or earth tones, it was very depressing to come home to. Dana's ideas were amazing, she did a great job of even using items in my home and just adding some color with either paint or fabric which saved alot of money. I work alot and don't have time to go from store to store. She was so efficient in shopping for me and taking that headache away. She is also an amazing thrifty shopper at Goodwill and Salvation Army, in finding some really unique pieces and adding charachter to my home. My living space has completely changed. I love it, and I get so many compliments now!" - Marla

"Dana was awesome to work with!  I needed someone who could help me visualize what to do with my living and dining room.  I basically knew what I wanted, but she helped me with all of the details.  She was kind enough to go shopping with me, which was immensely helpful because I find that kind of shopping overwhelming.  It was nice to have someone with me with my best interests at heart.  In the end, I love my new living/dining room, and everyone who has seen it says it looks fabulous!"- Dana O.

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