Thursday, August 25, 2011

What do nail polish and decorating have in common?

As I was shopping at the grocery store, for the bazillionth time this week, I made a run down the nail polish aisle. I quickly picked up "Walk of fame" by essence. Yes, it's a 99 cent, small bottle, because that's how I roll! After using it, I noticed something a little funny. Most of the colors in my drawer are colors I have used while decorating my house. Think I'm kidding? Let's take a peek, shall we?

These 3 beauties make up the majority of the house. So my house, in nail polish lingo, should be named... the Queen of d'nile goes down the Walk of Fame White Now!

Moving on, here's the kids TV room...

Let's call it, the "Sapphire Beauty with a hint of Mad about Mango."

Can you handle one last one?

This is my daughter's room. She's the Lady of Luck who's completely Mauvelicious!

Next time you're wondering what color to paint a room, go to your nail polish for inspiration. Think about it, you wouldn't put something on your body that you didn't like, right? These are more than likely the colors you're drawn to, so use them in your home then add a little punch of something unexpected.

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