Friday, June 7, 2013

Art Niche Before and Afters

Since the clock is ticking before our move, I'm trying to wrap up a few projects that have been in the works. I had so much fun yesterday painting, shopping and accessorizing with my sweet client. She's such a pleasure to be around and we really feed off of each other creatively, so that's an added bonus.

It was almost a year ago that they moved into their house and called me to help with a "few" things. Those "few" things quickly grew into almost their entire house. When I look back at all we've accomplished, it's pretty amazing. This house has definitely seen a major transformation as it's grown into a space they feel truly represents them, a place they feel comfortable calling home.

So, ready for the most recent before and after shots? Here's a shot of their entry/hallway right as you enter their front door. This was taken right after they took possession of the house.



We decided to think outside the box a little when it came to filling their art niches. We didn't let ourselves be confined to simply filling the niches, but rather decided to add a piece hanging in the center to marry the two spaces.

The photo is a killer shot taken in Berlin on a family vacation. Mr. Client has an artsy eye and is great with the camera. He snapped this shot of bear statues. I love the structure and color it brings to the space.

The diamonds are a DIY project that Mrs. Client and I undertook yesterday as we transformed plain wooden frames, custom ordered off etsy, to a beautiful ombre piece that perfectly compliments Mr. Client's photo.

So, with a little creative thinking we were able to turn a space that's often a pain in the rear-end space to fill to a one-of-a-kind space that speaks to a special memory shared with their family.


pam {simple details} said...

Genius idea! Those niches can be so limiting, love your creative solution! I'll bet your clients are in a panic about your move. I recognize those white pots, from Ikea right? I just used a few running down a dining table! :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love it! and that berlin photo- amazing!!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Love the ombre effect on the frames, Dana, and your client's photography is so cool! You always look at spaces in such an interesting way - I love your take on how decorate a room!

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