Friday, June 28, 2013

Inexpensive Wood Floor Alternative

Wood floors are great, right? They certainly are but they also come with a hefty price tag. You can expect to pay anywhere from $7/sq ft. to $10/sq ft. That adds up super quick. Well, thanks to a new client, I've learned of a great alternative...vinyl wood planks.
Maybe I've been sleeping under a rock, but I wasn't familiar with this product. When I arrived for the consultation, my client asked me what I thought of this option. I had to be honest and tell her I was clueless. I did a little research, i.e. called my flooring source, and told him I needed a crash course in vinyl floors. 

My client loved the look of hardwoods but knew they weren't intending to stay in their house long and just couldn't stomach spending that kind of money on something they wouldn't be around long enough to enjoy. And, that's exactly why this was the perfect solution for them!

I was pleasantly surprised after the install. They far exceeded my expectations and my client loved them so much that she added on an additional room to the plans. At a mere $3.94/sq ft, which included supplies and installation, they completely transformed their home for a fraction of the cost of hardwoods.

This product comes in a variety of finishes and is extremely durable. It's soft underfoot and water resistant. Scared to put hardwoods in your kitchen due to potential water damage? Here's your answer!

My client had her's installed, but I've noticed they also come in a peel and stick option...hello, easy DIY project!

Stay tuned for pictures of the "wood" tile option I shared several weeks ago in that beautiful herringbone pattern. You're going to die!

Thanks to those of you who have asked about our housing situation/move. Here's the latest: It's been a roller coaster of news and emotions. We've lived day by day wondering if we were going to get the house. We're still not living in the house and won't be until mid to late July. We've started over with a new lender and had to beg, beg, beg the sellers to give us yet another extension. This even involved another letter on my part, explaining the situation and promising that we still really, really wanted to purchase their house. This has been a faith building experience like no other. We're praying our way through it. My daily devotionals have been smacking me in the face as I'm reminded to "thank God for my trials." It's hard to thank God when you're miserable...have you tried it? I've learned, by doing this, that He gifts you with even the smallest nuggets of hope and joy, you just have to be looking for them!


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Well that sounds good - like there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I hope everything goes as planned, here on out - you deserve a break at this point!
Regarding the "wood" vinyl flooring, we have it in our kitchen and powder room/laundry room. We though it would be one of the first things we'd rip out, but turns out, this material is indestructible! Between the dog and the whole family living in this space, it's been a blessing - it cleans up beautifully and doesn't show any wear and tear! A great wood alternative for your client I think!

pam {simple details} said...

My sweet friend, I hope you'll be sitting by the pond soon being thankful for your blessings despite the challenging trials. Have a great weekend!

Todd Bailey said...

Wow! I would never know that that floor was in faux wood vinyl if it weren't mentioned that it was. It looks so much like the real thing. It'll definitely add elegance and class to any room with just a fraction of the cost. Thank you so much for sharing!

Todd Bailey @ McCoy Maintenance

Allure Flooring said...

Hey Dana - Is this Allure Flooring from Home Depot?

Dana Frieling said...

No, Allure Flooring, it's not from Home Depot but it looks like you guys have some very similar products.

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