Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Wood floor alternative

Tile that looks like wood has become a very popular choice these days. It's extremely hardy and looks very much like the real deal.
Such a smart choice in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces since it can withstand water and traffic like a champ.
The main difference?...grout lines. Here's my advice on that topic, have the installer use the smallest spacers available and choose a grout color that's as close to the tile color as possible if you're going for a seamless look. If you like the contrast, then go for the gusto and pick what your little heart desires.
My friend/client has 2 dogs and 3 children (with tons of friends over all the time) so this option was perfect for her. She said she couldn't stand the thought of paying big bucks for hardwood floors then watching them slowly get destroyed by dog and kid wear and tear.

Let me tell ya, friends, it was a smart choice because they're gorgeous!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oooh pretty!!! i love the design! i think this kind of flooring is perfect in the south especially where it's more humid and also hotter so cool tile feels good under foot.

jackie jade said...

love the looks of this, especially in this herringbone pattern. it would be so perfect for a kitchen or bathroom.
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

I have had my eye on this tile forever!! You said it perfectly, it's gorgeous and the perfect hardy alternative to wood! I'd love to put this in our next house. :)

jowdjbrown said...

Always consult with the manufacturer to see if they recommend sanding and refinishing of your engineered wood floor.Wood Finishes Direct Blog

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