Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Idaho is pretty...who knew?

Thanks so much for your sweet comments yesterday. We indeed closed on our house but had to wait for the keys until today. Movers are scheduled for tomorrow! I can't wait to have my clothes actually hanging in a closet. This is definitely something you take for granted until you've lived out of a suitcase, my friend.

Since I don't have fun house photos to show yet, I'll share some of the gorgeousness we soaked up last week in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Seriously, I had no idea Idaho had anything to offer besides potatoes (yes, I was being judgmental). But, much to my surprise the northern region is beautiful.

Take a look for yourself...

The first two shots were from Spokane, Washington where we stayed one night before driving to our cabin in Coeur d'Alene.

Reed's idea of a perfect day...shirtless, shoeless and fishing pole in hand.

I would rename this tree, "Puzzle tree" if given the pleasure. Such amazing texture found in nature!

Our daily view from the back porch. Did I mention we didn't have a single television or any cell coverage? It was amazing to completely unplug.

Never knew dandelions grew this big!

Bryn took this shot. She's got quite a creative little eye. I'm so looking forward to watching her talents continue to develop.

This shot was her idea too!

Showing off her souvenir, a toe ring.

I love nature walks with my camera. Finding cool shots is a rush for me.

I learned how to play horseshoes, then had fun arranging them in a graphic design to make for a cool poster.

A little slice of heaven.

I could get used to this...dinner on the screened in porch = no bugs, beautiful view and cool breeze.

The Fab Four: John, the kids and my father-in-law.

Who won this race?

Just in case you need a laugh today...
Does this picture even need a caption? ;)

How's this for perfect timing? I happened to catch a spark from the fire in this shot and it looks like a shooting star over the kids' heads. And, yes, Reed's leaning over to give Bryn a kiss on the cheek. It was a perfect moment from every angle!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

your family and mine could hang.... i know it! idaho is lovely, but the fountain photo is my fave... second fave the running one.

pam {simple details} said...

Oh my gosh, my vacay pictures (still haven't posted) are looking really boring! :) Seriously, a kiss for his sister, could that be any sweeter! And, Bryn, that girl is oozing with talent!

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

Oh wow, how gorge are your photos?!! I'm so happy to hear everything went smoothly yesterday!! I can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Dana! Your photography is fantastic!!

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