Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New House Pics (Part 2)

It's been 2 weeks since we moved in and I can proudly say 98% of the boxes are unpacked. Now, that doesn't mean the house is anywhere near looking like what I have envisioned. Pictures aren't hung, shelves aren't accessorized, the new paint hasn't been purchased, etc. I feel like I need to plaster BEFORE all over these photos, but that's an extra step and honestly, I'm doing good just to get them posted at this point.

Let's continue the tour of our "Marathon House." I've named it that because I'm taking things slow and steady. No need to rush into things or make brash decisions that I'll have to undo in a few years.

Remember how I told you John and I feel like this is God's house, meaning we intend to use it as a ministry? Well, I love the constant reminder these windows offer.

Both kids have always wanted stairs. Can't say that I shared their enthusiasm but if I have to have them, I'd say these are pretty cool. Their rooms and a bathroom are the only rooms upstairs. It's almost like they've been given the freedom to keep their rooms messy since I don't have to walk past them everyday. Okay, who am I kidding?!

A glimpse from the front door. The previous owners left their tv because it's practically built into the stone wall. John was thrilled. I was not. It's a monster and, hello, can you say focal point?

 Oh, brown couch, when will you die? I'm really ready to replace you with something pretty. And, great, in addition to that monster tv, now you're the second thing that's seen when someone walks in the front door.

I'm digging the angles of these rooms and the open concept. Here the living flows right into the kitchen.

A view of the upstairs walkway. Anyone want to place bets on how long it'll take before Reed is doing something crazy from this space? He's been threatened with his life already. Okay, that's a little harsh but he's certainly been told it would NOT be in his best interest to get any crazy ideas.

The kitchen has a cabin feel, antler chandelier and all. Stained green cabinets won't stay. The kitchen is beautifully designed but not necessarily my taste.

Our 4 seater breakfast table had to be downsized to a 2 seater. It's a funky little space but perfect for a quick bite. The view isn't too shabby, either.

All that's left is a handful of bedrooms, horrendously wallpapered bathrooms and the man cave. Stay tuned...


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am totally jealous of the awesome kitchen chandelier you inherited! LOVE! it's a great house!

rebecca wisor said...

I'm not a cabin lover, but I'm digging that chandy too! You are right about the bedrooms - two of our four are upstairs and I go up there *maybe* once a month. And then I'm horrified.

Heather Pennington said...

I am loving all the pictures of your new home! I am not a huge fan of the rustic/cabin look either, but that kitchen is fabulous and has so much potential! Can't wait to see what you do with the new house!

pam {simple details} said...

I'm inviting myself to come help you paint those kitchen cabinets! And I'm thinking we take a few of those upper cabinets out while we're at it!:) Oh my gosh, Dana - I LOVE everything, that view off the kitchen is gorgeous, and I didn't notice the tv, that stone caught my eye! And the cross, SO cool!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Dana!!! This is the perfect house for you! It's so cool and interesting and I cannot wait to see what you do to give it your own personality! I'm in with Pam - we'll hop on over to be your kitchen painters! This is such a great space to work with and I'm excited for you!!

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