Thursday, February 12, 2015

Restaurant Reveal (Before and Afters)

After 6 months of craziness, George's On The Town is officially up and running! I was so humbled by this entire experience and learned oh so much along the way. It's good to be stretched and challenged...that's the only way growth can occur.

If you happen to find yourself in Georgetown, Texas one day, you must stop in and grab a bite. Until then, enjoy these shots...

There is a serious lack of windows in this space so multiple mirrors help trick you into thinking there's more.

Name that person?! This oversized art piece is an original by artist, Brian Olsen. He's a speed painter. I kid you not, this huge painting was completed in less than 10 minutes. You can see him in action here.

Yes, the fiddle leaf figs are real!

Works of art appear to be floating on top of the slatted indoor pergola.

I like how the shiplap booth back plays with the slatted wall.

Another beautiful painting for sale to help fund the artist's Haitian missions.

Brass pendants, 100 y.o. reclaimed brick and shiplap.

Fun fact: the neon sign is actually my handwriting. 

Texture, texture, texture.

Curvy little barstools.

The daytime look, although operating hours are from 4pm - midnight.

Comfy chairs so people won't want to leave the bar. It's all about subliminal messages. ;)

Open chandeliers keep the view from being obstructed.

Curtain divider panels help soften the space.

Anyone else love this chandelier as much as I do?

This area is still waiting on custom booths, but I wanted you to get a better look at those amazing lights. The arms are hinged to open and close. We were going for spider look.

Custom designed vanity to house the trough sink.

Here's the crew. I can't say enough about how their dedication and passion for this restaurant! May your hard work be rewarded greatly, fellas.

And because we all love to see where things started, here's what it looked like my first day on the job:

We've come a long way! 

George's On The Town
708 South IH 35
Georgetown, Tx 78628


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Dana, WOWWWWW!! Congratulations - the restaurant looks amazing! I can only imagine how much work you poured into all those details. I love the stained wood slats for texture on the wall, the shiplap (white and that dark grey!!!), the lighting and the way the white privacy curtains soften the space. You did an incredible job with the design!!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you killed it, dana! it is AMAZING!!! i love the colors, rustic modern touches.... everything! and is that you with your hair short? i LOVE it like that!

John Frieling said...

I can attest to the hard work and detail that went into this project. At the end of the day it was truly a labor of love on many accounts. I am so proud of you Dana (and Dad) for stepping out and trying something new and stretching yourself. Much love, 'the design widower' ;) 3!

pam {simple details} said...

BIG CONGRATS, my talented friend!!! I'm truly blown away, and knowing you did this long distance with little actual time on site is even more remarkable! I love the subtle barriers to give the tables a private feel and the design elements you used to keep within a limited budget are genius!! Wish I could share a glass of wine and dinner with you at G town! :)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I could barely see the photos without being distracted by the sound of you CRUSHING IT. DANA!!!! If my van wasn't 100 years old and could take road trips more than 20 miles without breaking down, I would SO go and see it in person. Every. Last. Detail. Is. Bang. On.

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