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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Neutrals done 3 ways

Well, how do you begin a post after being MIA for 9 months?! Umm, I'm not quite sure so I'll just jump right in.

I've been very blessed with lots of great projects over the last year. Honestly, I started the blog as a means to share my work/portfolio in hopes of gaining clients. It's certainly served its purpose and for that I'm thrilled!

I'll keep it short and sweet and share a little bit of what's in the works.

Modern neutrals...
This modern house is so, so pretty! We still need to tweak the accessories but the main elements are all in place.

Clean and contemporary neutrals...
This sweet client had a very strong vision from the beginning and most of our work was done solely via emails and texts! I only stepped foot in her house once. She did an amazing job! She'd send me pictures and a quick "help" email here and there when she was stuck. Sometimes people simply need a cheerleader and someone to validate them. Definitely the case here!

Transitional neutrals...
Another take on neutrals but this time with a transitional twist. This project has slowly been progressing and now we're down to purchasing side tables and pillows. Currently loving where it's headed!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vintage Mod Tween Room Before & After

Well, I thought I had hung up my blogging hat but this room was reason enough to temporarily come out of retirement. I recently had the pleasure of creating a crazy fun tween room. Momma's request was for the room to "take her well into her teen years" and her request..."turquoise, lots of turquoise!"

The fabric we used for drapes was our jumping off point. It was instant love on all accounts so we ran with it.
I am SO impressed with the lacquer paint job we had done on this amazing mid-century dresser. It's so slick and not a single imperfection in sight. I secretly want to lacquer everything now!

 The pink accessories (minus the candle) are all straight from grandma, literally! She showed up as I was tweaking things and pulled out the mirror which finished things off nicely. Momma remembers growing up with the hands (seen on top of the books) in her own home. It warms my heart to incorporate special pieces into clients' rooms. That's what it's all about!

I really wish the camera could capture this rug accurately. It has sparkles in it! I'm not even kidding. Think Christmas tree tinsel woven right into the shag. It's perfection for this glitzy, spunky girl!

Momma couldn't wait until Christmas to share this surprise, a signed Taylor Swift guitar! We originally left a blank space for it but we were all dying to see it all pulled together so "Merry early Christmas!" It was literally the first thing she ran to when the full room was revealed! I think momma knocked it out of the park. ;)

Bed in front of the window? Yep! Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do and moving the bed smack in front of the windows was exactly what this room needed. It fits perfectly in the bay area and now there's plenty of room for lounging and more storage.

A look at where we started...

A big thanks to my clients for "letting this room evolve." We took our time with this space and all the pieces fell perfectly into place. Laid back attitudes and lots of trust go a long way when designing a room.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Steel Framed Shower panel...LOVE!

I'm happy to report we're finally taking showers in our own bathroom! The glass company came to install our shower panel this week and I'm. in. love!!!

We custom ordered it through a local glass company then Coastal Shower Doors manufactured it in their Florida home. I'd say they knocked it out of the park!

We also updated the ceiling fan. I've had my eye on the Minka Aire Light Wave from Lamps Plus for awhile now. It adds a fun, contemporary twist to an otherwise boring feature. If you live in a hot place and have room for a ceiling fan in the bathroom, I'd definitely recommend it. It's perfect for our scorching Texas summers. This way I don't need another shower immediately after blow-drying hair.

I was a little nervous ordering this in oil-rubbed bronze but they assured me it looked more black than bronze and it definitely does. Perfection!

Our bathroom remodel has left Maverick exhausted. He has literally been a part of every single part. So much so that I was scraping fur off of freshly painted baseboards on several occasions. He's glad it's done!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bathroom Remodel Before and Afters: ORC Reveal

I can 100% promise that you are not as happy to be reading this post as I am to be writing it!!! It's been a LONG haul but we are finished, people. F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D. Well, except for that one tiny detail called a shower glass panel, but I figured that shouldn't keep me from showing you how things turned out. 

The glass panel is scheduled for installation on Monday so make sure you come back and see it!

One more important thing to note...I'm NOT superwoman and these two remodels DID NOT happen in just 6 weeks like the ORC typically operates. In full disclosure, we've spent a full 12 weeks from start to finish.

Okay, now take a look...
Custom vanity paired with Vicostone quartz countertops in Titanium. Sconces from AllModern.

Can you believe I originally considered keeping the previous cabinets? That would have been tragic. You'll have to scroll way down to refresh your memory of what they looked like. I was trying to save money, but honestly, keeping them would have ruined the whole design. So glad I came to my senses! 

I love the glow the sconces put off.  I ended up using the Hovet mirror from Ikea.

Mixing vintage with modern.

My salvage yard tub makes its debut!

The unique shape sold me instantly. 

Here you're looking at the back portion of the shower which will also be the way we'll walk into the shower since the glass panel is freestanding without a door. I'm planning on using the hand hooks and bench area as a dressing space. We'll hang our bath towels on hooks that we'll place on the tile wall.

If you've read this blog long, you know I love a little bit 'o quirk in a space. These hands make me smile.

Hold on, Mr. Showerhead, one day you will get used! It's such a tease having an "almost" completed bathroom with the most important item missing.

The devil's in the details, right? I thought painting the edge of the door was a great idea until I had to start taping! John was super thrilled to see our gold handles spray painted black. He's been asking me to paint them since we moved in (almost 2 years ago).

I found this little plant stand at an estate sale in our neighborhood awhile back. I wasn't sure where I was going to put it but now it's found the perfect spot.

Here's a wide shot so you can get a full understanding of the space. Can you believe we started out with flower wallpaper and a HUGE jetted tub? We've come a long way.


Remodel #2
Now, we'll move on into the guest bathroom. Our main goal here was to 1) get RID of the mirrors (see below) and 2) add a shower so guests didn't have to share with us or the kiddos.

I got a little creative and funky with this space. It's typically my goal to come up with original designs that keep things fun and unexpected.

And, I'd say our utility cart turned vanity does just that...provides the unexpected. I'm fully expecting our guests to scratch their heads a little and wonder what I was thinking?! Honestly, this was an element that wasn't part of the original design plans. It just popped into my head one day and I couldn't shake it so that's when I started scouring craigslist. It was meant to be when I ran across this one and it was the perfect size.

Love how the stained stripe breaks up our white wall and helps tie everything together throughout the space.

It's super hard to see in these pictures, but there's a frameless shower panel between the toilet and the shower. See the little chrome piece on the curb, holding it up?

This big, round mirror helps offset all the hard lines in the space. It also compliments the round vessel sink nicely.

Not the best picture, but it helps you see the shower panel.

99 cent art from Goodwill, purchased years ago but still going strong.

And for your viewing pleasure, this is what it looked like a mere 12 weeks ago (although my hairstyle has changed at least 3 times since I actually took this picture).

May these pictures never resurface again and please, please don't EVER add mirrors to every wall in your bathroom. Take it from me...it's not a good idea.

I hope you've had fun following along with the progression of our remodels. I've had so much fun reading your comments and feelin' the love. It makes all those days of wondering if I'll ever get the paint off my hands and the dust off my floors, beds, tables, walls, etc, totally worth it!

Thank you, Linda, for challenging us all through the One Room Challenge. You've managed to create quite the buzz in blogland! Don't forget to click through to see numerous other makeovers.

Lastly, check back in next week to see the real deal final reveal of our master bathroom!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Remodel Wins and Woes: ORC Week 5

If you're wondering what I'm up to today, scraping paint off my cuticles, arms, legs, etc. is likely a safe guess. Over the last week I've painted both bathrooms, including trim (not my favorite part of the job, by the way). Sadly, I still have to sand and paint 5 doors. Will it EVER end?!

Speaking of doors, remember my inspiration for the Master bath shower panel? Just in case you missed the first week of the ORC, this picture will catch ya up to speed. Nice, right?

I literally designed the entire bathroom around this idea, thinking it'd be fairly easy to come by since they're all over Pinterest...uh, wrong! Steel-framed doors, come on Texas, get with the trend! After searching all around and even conspiring with a few glass companies and a welding company about how we could create a DIY version, I finally found Coastal Shower Doors.

They just launched the design below at market in Vegas. Picture it with a dark frame, then picture it in my bathroom!
Coastal Shower Doors

The good news is, it's ordered. The bad news is, it won't be here in time for next week's reveal. So I guess I'm admitting failure now and just getting it out of the way. ha!

I'm loving our new vanity! Now, the million dollar question is what to do about mirrors? 
Let me give you a little insight into my decision-making process...pull anything remotely close to the finish you're considering and throw it up there to get a feel, hence the random assortment of pictures, tape, etc. Hmmm, the jury's still out. I'm having sizing/spacing issues and have to decide between the lesser of two evils.

 Issues? Yes, that's my fiddle leaf fig trying to take a bath! Or, maybe it's just trying to show off the newly installed and freshly painted window trim, who knows?

I never knew I could get so excited about toilets, but when these babies got installed I may have done a little happy dance. BOTH downstairs bathrooms now have functioning toilets. Woo hoo! No more climbing stairs in the middle of the night. Happiness!

The Guest bathroom is really coming together. I'm happy to say at least one of the bathrooms will be 100% complete for next week's reveal. 

The tile and finishes in this room are a little out of the ordinary. I laid awake countless hours wondering if I was creating a visual nightmare, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the way things are coming together.

Oh, that utility cart...such a tease!

Don't forget to visit Linda at Calling it Home to see the other ORC participants. So much creativity going on these days! Love it.
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