Monday, April 30, 2012

Post idea via a begging plea

Hello, Monday. You came way too fast this week, but since you're here let's make the best of it!

I've had lots of friends ask, "How in the world do you come up with something to post about every single day?" That's the million dollar question, right? Well, today I thought I'd give you a little insight as to how my brain works. may not be pretty!

So, today's post idea originated with a begging plea from by daughter and it involves this...

You see, she's got a birthday right around the corner and she's been lobbying h.a.r.d. for a special friend to come and live with us. She's asked for numerous animals and after getting the standard, "They're too stinky," or  "They make too much noise, " this is the pet she thinks we can compromise on...a leopard gecko!

So, with leopard geckos on my mind, I sit down to write a post. I wonder what it'll be about then I think, "Ummm, lizards have pretty skin. I bet I could muster up some images of reptile decor." Then a quick little google search pulls up a million images of low and behold...animal print in decor and fashion. 

Our friends in the fashion industry have been incorporating our  household pets these slithery creatures into our wardrobe for quite some time now. I bet all of you have had something with a little reptile skin on it at one time or another. Maybe something like this...

But are you ready to incorporate it into your house?! 

Okay, back up a minute, I got a little off track. We're supposed to be talking about post ideas, so I'll bring it back to that. When my million reptile decor images pop up, I start mulling through them and think, "Seen that on so and so's blog, " "Oh, that's been around pinterest a gajillion times already, "How can I make this post original?" 

Then I run across a reptile sink and think..."Now that's original!" 

I mean, a reptile sink?! Who has that in their house? Doesn't it make you want to feel it?!

Okay, let's bring it back to reality. Snakeskin trays are much more likely to find their way into my decor. I actually have a picture frame that looks very similar to these.

But a reptile sink, wouldn't that be a statement piece? Wouldn't it be fun to listen to people's reactions when they came over for the first time and went into the bathroom?!

Once again, back to reality. Since my husband absolutely cannot stand anything that slithers and hisses, the below items are the only snake-like things that would be allowed in the front door.

So there ya have it, friends, an entire post idea originated out of a begging plea for a pet. It may not seem logical, but it's how my brain works and it got the job done!

For those of you wondering, the jury's still out on whether or not Bryn will be granted her birthday wish. We had an unfortunate experience with a turtle in the past that's left us wondering if she's ready for another pet. Anyone have words of wisdom to share about leopard geckos?

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Pillows and Blue vs. Gold

Is it just me or has this been a looong week? Friday, I'm really happy you came to visit me today!

Progress continues to be made in our bedroom updating project. I've selected pillows and I'm really pleased with how it's coming together. Since we do things on a budget over here at the Frieling Casa, these pillows are compliments of Ikea and Target.
Oh yes, the hubster hung my art!

Now for the ongoing saga...what color should those silly nightstands be? Right now we're living in a multi-colored world as I try to find my way out of the land of indecisiveness. 

A broader view...

 Still working on what to hang above the bed and lamps. Oh yeah, the lamps...what do you think? I picked them up at TJMaxx yesterday and haven't removed the plastic just yet. Pretty sure they're staying...I love the natural texture they bring to the room.

 Notice the legs aren't even finished on the gold piece (the sides and back aren't either!). I used Rub 'n Buff this time and let me tell ya friends, that's the way to go! It was a million times easier than painting the trim. Of course, when all is said and done, there will be more accessories to finish off the look. Baby steps...

And one more peek at the pillow prettiness...

Don't be surprised when you check back in next week and I've painted the nightstands yet another color, I'm a glutton for punishment like that! I'm usually quick in my decision-making, but not this time. That's usually my clue that something's off. I'll get there...eventually!

Well, that's all I've got for ya today, friends. Do something fun this weekend and don't forget to sprinkle in a little kindness while you're at it!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #31

Raise your hand if at least 1 of the 2 coupons below is in your purse right now. Sadly, I probably have 5 or 6 expired ones along with the current ones.

Today's RAK is aimed at saving strangers a little moolah. So here's the time you're printing one of these coupons go ahead and print 2, that's right, 2. Then, when you're standing in line, find the person not holding the little white piece of paper and offer them your extra!

RAK Challenge #31: Print an extra coupon and share it with the person next to you in the check-out line.

I bet this is how you'll make that person feel...

While you're printing, go ahead and print a RAK card to pass along with the coupon. It'll be like getting a 2 for 1 special. You'll make someone's day then they'll turn around and do something nice for someone else! Score!

Just in case you need extra cards, here's the link

A special thanks to Pam for today's post idea. Wasn't she KIND for sharing this fabulous RAK?! If you've got an idea you'd like to share, please send me an email, 

Okay friends, it's that time...go out and be kind!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Second Fiddle (Leaf Fig, that is)

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...I have a thing for trees. Is this not the most amazing canopy ever? I would really love to see this in person. How incredible!

While this is clearly an outdoor tree, let's not forget about the beauty a tree or even just its leaves can bring to an indoor space.

Isn't this a simple way to add a little pizazz to your tabletops?

Let's take a minute to pay homage to my favorite indoor tree...Mr. Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Oh yes, friends, look what came to live with us this weekend...we have 2 kids, 2 dogs and now we are the proud owners of our second fiddle leaf fig!

The leaves on this one are H.U.G.E. Several are well over 12 inches long and oh so pretty!

My heart sings every time I take a's the little things.

Does anyone else share my love for trees, especially Mr. Fiddle?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Today's transparent topic: Priorities
See the look on my son's face? This is how I felt several times last screaming!
What drove me to feeling like this, you ask? Conversations about sports schedules and how the hectic lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with upper-level sports is literally driving families apart.

I'm not sure how to get through this post without climbing upon my soapbox, but I'll try. Let's start with you have your priorities straight? Are the things that are most important to you in life, the things that receive the majority of your attention? It's not just sports that get in the can be anything.

This past weekend my family and I went hiking and enjoyed some quality time without computers, phones, commitments, etc. No distractions, just nature and family. It was very refreshing!

While climbing up this 500 ft. piece of granite (think of how many countertops that is!), I began to wonder why we don't do stuff like this more often? Sadly, we allow ourselves to get so busy with other 'stuff' that we rarely make it a priority to slow down and just be.

 Anyone else think these rocks look like a giant turtle?

Isn't this what matters?

Shouldn't we be slowing down enough to cherish that fact that our 8 y.o. dresses like his father and wants to hold his hand?

If we don't carve out the time, it'll never be there. Think of all the missed opportunities and missed conversations all because we allow ourselves to be filled with the insignificant things that suck up our precious time.

So, the purpose of transparent tuesdays is to encourage people to be real with one another. Let's work on being real this week and feeling 100% okay with turning down a few requests so that we can focus on our real priorities, whatever they may be. Take the time to slow down, re-evaluate and make sure your time is being spent on the people and things you love most.

Another purpose of this post is for me to share the gift of prayer with you. I'd be honored to talk to God about you today. If you're struggling with something or your priorities have gotten out of whack, let's pray about it. Leave me a comment or send me an email: Prayer is powerful, friends!

Monday, April 23, 2012

What my husband likes in the bedroom

How's that for a title?! Got your attention? I'm totally giggling as I'm writing this because John reads my posts via his email subscription and can you imagine his response when he sees this title in his inbox! I'm a little mean like you, honey!

Moving on...this post is really intended to focus on bringing a touch of masculinity into our bedroom's decor. So far, the updates I've worked on reflect mainly my tastes, but since I'm not the only one who sleeps in there, it's only right to bring in something that John will enjoy.

These feather prints are beautiful and would definitely do the trick...

This one screams John too...

While they're wonderful, they range around $25-$30 per print. I'd really like to mat and frame 4 coordinating prints to place above our nightstands (2 on each side). This idea has the potential to get pricey real quick, especially when I add in the cost of the mat and frame.

In hopes of saving a little moolah, I sat down yesterday to attempt to draw a few feathers...

It wasn't as hard as I'd expected! I'm thinking I just saved a lot of money. Can I get a high five?! Now with a gallery mat and simple frame, we're all set. Not so sure I could pull off the deer print, but since we saved so much on the others, maybe I could splurge and buy just one. Ummm?

So, feathers and deers on his side of the bed and what about botanicals on my side? I think it's fun how these botanicals look very similar to feathers. Wouldn't you love to see this artist's mural when it's finished?

Here's my attempt at a few "feather leaves."

Something else that's great about framing a simple drawing is that I can switch them out as often as I'd like and not feel bad about it, since the only thing invested in the pieces is time!

Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Oversized Art

Whew! You guys definitely came through with your opinions on Tuesday. Thank you to each one of you who took the time to share. I've got lots to mull over so I haven't made any definite decisions quite yet, but I'll keep you posted.

I have made progress on the room though. My oversized art piece is complete and ready to be hung. It weighs a ton so I'm waiting patiently for my hubby to help get it back on the wall. But since you're probably a little curious (and I needed a post for today), I'll go ahead and share some pictures and a few tips in case you'd like to tackle a project like this on your own!

Here are close-ups so you can see the texture and variation in colors.

Want to make your own oversized art for really cheap? Here's the method to my madness...

1) Purchase a piece of plywood from Home Depot and have them cut it to the size you'd like.

2) Make at least 3 notches in the back of the wood for hanging purposes. The nail will slip right in.

3) Purchase a canvas drop cloth and *gesso (painting primer).

*This is important...see the orange arrow? It's letting you know this material is "Super absorbent," which means it likes to drink your paint. If you don't prime the canvas with gesso your cheap project will turn into an expensive project because you'll have to buy a mega-load of paint.

4) Iron your drop cloth then cover the plywood. Pull very tight and staple around the edges to secure it into place. (My plywood isn't showing b/c I had to turn over my previous art so the texture wouldn't come through on the new piece)

5) Time to prime. I used two primers, only because I ran out of the first type and when I went to buy more they were out of what I used originally. This was a good thing b/c I learned that white gesso works much better than clear gesso, on this particular canvas.  

6) All that's left is creating your beautiful work of art, so start painting!

Points of interest:
  • Plywood is very heavy so when hanging your art, make sure you find the studs.
  • Painter's drop cloths have lots of texture. If you're going for this look, great! If not, you'll definitely want to use a different material.

If you've been inspired to make your own masterpiece, send me a picture of the finished product. I'd love to see it!

I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. Our family is going to sneak in some climbing and hiking at Enchanted Rock. It's one of the 'must-do' things in the Austin area and we've never done it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #30

Hopefully you all rose to the challenge last week and you've been putting away shopping carts every time you've gone shopping. This week's challenge involves putting something IN the shopping cart ~ Pajamas!

RAK challenge #30- Buy a new pair of pajamas and donate them to a shelter or a child in need.

I miss my college days when it was in style to wear your pajama bottoms to the grocery store. Nowadays, that would land you a spot on What Not to Wear and they'll end up throwing away your prized pajamas! 

Yesterday, my kiddos' school sponsored a pajama drive and all the students were able to wear their own pajamas to school for collection day. They loved it and hopefully lots of jammies were collected for those sweet souls in need.

So, what do ya say, friends? Do you know of a Battered Women's Shelter or a Children's Home that could use a donation?

 If so, it's time to spread some kindness.
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