Friday, June 20, 2014

B is for...

pardon the silence. memories are being made.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Master Bath Progress (Before/After)

I've taken a few steps to make our master bathroom more livable these days. The dated floral wallpaper had to go! Luckily, it came down fairly easy. New texture and paint have done the trick and has this space feeling a lot more 'us.' Until we're ready to move forward with major changes, these little changes are well worth the time and effort.



This is the part where I have a confession to make! Homeright was kind enough to send me a paint sprayer to try out almost a year ago. Yes, a year ago! I was too intimidated to use it so it's been sitting all nice and pretty in its box just staring me in the face. 

I was so intimidated that the prep work you see below was rolled on. Yep, can you say weenie?

Well, I finally put my big girl undies on and went after the big guns for the final coats!
Here's a simple break down for ya...
Step 1. Be brave enough to pull the sprayer off the shelf.
Step 2. Read the instructions. (I'm a girl so that's okay.)
Step 3. Use dipper tool to check the viscosity, aka thickness, of the paint. This was the step I was dreading most, but it turned out to be a piece of cake.
Step 4. Find a test material.
Step 5. Spray away. Learn the different angles so you know which will work best on your actual project.
Step 6. Throw away your roller because this thing is 100 times easier!!!
Step 7.  Celebrate your new, non-weenie status!

A few more shots of the decor details...
Although they look like different colors, the walls are all actually the same color. Shadows are a booger, I tell ya.
I chose a gray-green color from Benjamin Moore, Hazy Skies (OC-48) and had it color matched at Home Depot. For the tub surround, I color matched Sherwin William's Fawn Brindle (SW 7640).

Maverick was quick to offer his approval.

Last but not least, the best part of the bathroom (also the culprit for making my pictures so hard to shoot)...the view!

Thanks to Homeright for providing me the Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer for this project. Now it's on to the rest of the cabinets! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New West Elm String Art

I love finding a steal! There's such a thrill involved. Last week I was at West Elm scouring the clearance section leisurely browsing their beautiful store and came across my newest steal...string art.

This Geo Stitch retails for $129. At that price there's no way I would have purchased 3 of these babies, but look at how many are happily hanging in our entry...
Would you believe me if I told you I paid less for all 3 than the original price of one?! At $39.99 each, paired with my designer discount the grand total came out to $116. (Sorry for the massive glare, but you get the point.) 

I checked online to see if the priced matched but sadly it doesn't. It's still a good deal though at $54.99.

It's not a huge change up from what was hanging there originally (see below), but I was tired of framed scrap paper and felt the original glossy frames didn't quite fit into the vibe I am going for. Plus, the scale of the new art is much better.

I wish I could show you a panoramic shot and let you see how fun the geometric strings look with our entry wall. They're the perfect compliment! You'll just have to use your imagination...

So tell me, when you find a steal do you find yourself telling everyone who comments on it exactly how much you paid? My husband will never understand why women do this!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Words to live by

 Hip hip hooray, it's summer!!

Wisdom and a 10 y.o. boy...oxymoron? 
Not at all (in this case anyway). 

10y.o. boy wisdom:
*enjoy life to its fullest
*if it brings you joy, do it over and over and over again
*don't be scared...just jump in
*it's okay to hold hands
*laugh again
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