Friday, January 2, 2015

2015...the year of the bathroom

Happy New Year, friends! I'm proclaiming this year as the year of the bathroom. In my dreamworld, I'd love to tackle every single bathroom in our house, but in reality I'll be doing good to cover just one.

Our house was built in the 80's so the bathrooms are in dire need of updating...massive garden-style jacuzzi tubs, fiberglass shower surrounds and waaaaay too many mirrors. News flash, these things are totally out of style this year. You're shocked, I'm sure.

So what's in style? I've given myself a year and a half of living in this house to really, really think about what style I plan to pull off. Guess what conclusion I've come to? I don't care what's in style! If I were going with the trend, I'd have a gorgeous, white bathroom covered in beautiful marble. As much as I truly appreciate this look, it's just not us.

What is us? Natural, raw and simple. Think wood, concrete and steel. Let's take a look...
Love the wood surrounds on these tubs. We're shower people, not tub people. I'd omit the tub all together if I could get away with it, but I have to think resale value for on down the line.
I'll be scouring the sales to find an inexpensive tub (good place to save money) then dress it up with a little wood. 

Speaking of wood...
You see headboard, I see backsplash. A little live edge sneaking up behind our sinks, oh yeah!

Samples of these are headed my way...
Cement hexagon tiles in a muted colorway. A splurge for sure if they make the final plan, but oh what a statement they would make!

Now, let's talk about steel.
Steel framed doors and windows add a graphic punch while remaining clean and minimal. I'm thinking shower surround. Our current surround is shiny and gold that I painted black. It's starting to chip so that's a sign, right? ;)

Last but not least, there's this...
This celtic, architectural piece has popped up twice now on Craigslist. It's speaking to me.

There ya have it, the beginnings of our bathroom design swimming around in my brain. It'll be interesting to see the end result once reality/price tags start attaching themselves to my dreams!
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