Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vintage Mod Tween Room Before & After

Well, I thought I had hung up my blogging hat but this room was reason enough to temporarily come out of retirement. I recently had the pleasure of creating a crazy fun tween room. Momma's request was for the room to "take her well into her teen years" and her request..."turquoise, lots of turquoise!"

The fabric we used for drapes was our jumping off point. It was instant love on all accounts so we ran with it.
I am SO impressed with the lacquer paint job we had done on this amazing mid-century dresser. It's so slick and not a single imperfection in sight. I secretly want to lacquer everything now!

 The pink accessories (minus the candle) are all straight from grandma, literally! She showed up as I was tweaking things and pulled out the mirror which finished things off nicely. Momma remembers growing up with the hands (seen on top of the books) in her own home. It warms my heart to incorporate special pieces into clients' rooms. That's what it's all about!

I really wish the camera could capture this rug accurately. It has sparkles in it! I'm not even kidding. Think Christmas tree tinsel woven right into the shag. It's perfection for this glitzy, spunky girl!

Momma couldn't wait until Christmas to share this surprise, a signed Taylor Swift guitar! We originally left a blank space for it but we were all dying to see it all pulled together so "Merry early Christmas!" It was literally the first thing she ran to when the full room was revealed! I think momma knocked it out of the park. ;)

Bed in front of the window? Yep! Sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do and moving the bed smack in front of the windows was exactly what this room needed. It fits perfectly in the bay area and now there's plenty of room for lounging and more storage.

A look at where we started...

A big thanks to my clients for "letting this room evolve." We took our time with this space and all the pieces fell perfectly into place. Laid back attitudes and lots of trust go a long way when designing a room.

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