Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #29

Today's random act of kindness is sooo very easy. If you don't do it, then you're a complete slacker! I say that with the nicest intentions. You're probably thinking, "What about those kind words you're always preaching, Dana?" Okay, not a slacker, just that better?

Moving on. Has your car ever fallen victim to the ghost pushing the shopping cart phenomenon like the car below is about to experience?

For some reason, people just don't seem to think they need to put away their shopping carts. Doesn't it make you mad when you see the perfect parking place, you start to pull in, then BAM! there's a cart. No wonder everyone else was passing up that perfect spot.

RAK challenge #29: Park close to an abandoned shopping cart then take it inside the store with you as you go!

One of these kids is not like the other...bonus kindness points to the person who's willing to push this Home Depot cart back to its home! See Home Depot in the far, far background of the picture?

See what I mean? Such a simple little act of kindness today. You'll be setting a great example and saving someone's car in the process.

So there ya have it, friends...go out and be kind!

Don't forget to print your free RAK cards to use during all your other here.


Sonya Sosa said...

Ahhha! Love it! You should stick to your guns with calling us slackers if RAK not completed. That is so annoying right. A few extra steps is all it takes.

pam {simple details} said...

I can hear my son already when I say we have to park way out here by this lone shopping cart! :) I agree, too simple not to do!

Laura Hanson said...

I just came across your blog. Great idea.


Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

This is such a good nudge (reminder) to think of others. Once in a while I will take a cart into the store but not every time that I see one. Why?????? I wish I knew why sometimes I am motivated and sometimes I am not. Your post will certainly motivate me! Thanks

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