Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Handling disappointment...
That's the transparent topic for today. Unless you're not human, I'm sure you've been disappointed a time or two (or three or four), right?

I had a brush with my 15 minutes of fame last week. It's been an exciting 2 weeks thinking "what it would be like" but then came the disappointing email saying thanks but no thanks. Ummm...guess I won't be finding out what it would be like!

So, I could take this event and let it define me. It could dash my dreams and make me a cranky monster OR I can view it with my rose-colored glasses and a glass half-full attitude. It's a CHOICE and a DECISION.  I've decided that I'll choose to realize, that when one door closes, another one opens. If I perseverate on what might have been, I'm really limiting myself on what could be.

Maybe this attitude is a positive side of getting older. I've had enough life experiences that I can look back on and think "Holy cow! If that had of happened the way I wanted it to, then this, this and this wouldn't have happened." Isn't it wild to look at your life in retrospect sometimes?

Here's the other reason I can face disappointment with rose-colored glasses...prayer and faith. In this situation, I've realized I need to take 'myself' out of it and seek what God has planned for me. I find solace in the fact that this timing must not have been God's timing. I am human though, so God, whenever you're ready to open that door back up...you just let me know! It sure would've been fun!

If you're struggling with handling a disappointing situation, I'd love to pray for you. Leave a comment or email me at dfrieling1@gmail.com. OR, if you have words of wisdom to pass on to the rest of us, please do that as well.


pam {simple details} said...

Your faith and attitude are ALWAYS inspiring, sweet friend!

Michelle said...

LOVE your outlook! So positive. I have been dealing with some disappointment lately but trying to remember there is a bigger plan that what I have to I need to trust in that!

bonniegetchell said...

Dana, I definitely needed this today. It's been one disappointment after another with looking for a job. I know God has a plan for me, but it's so hard to trust! Especially when everything seems to be falling apart around me. I continually have to cling to His promises and like you said, remember that if things went MY way, I would miss out on all of the things HE has planned for me-- which are certainly much, much better than my plans. Thank you for the reminder :)

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

Lisa Scibilia said...

Dana, I love Tuesdays over here and reading your words of wisdom and faith. I'm sorry you were disappointed, but I too have often thought how something might not have happened if not for a previous disappointment. Just another reminder that we are not really in charge!

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

I hope you are feeling better and relying on your instinct to trust that God has a plan for you. You are very wise to realize that when we look back it is easy to see why we were sent down a certain path. That always gives us hope for the future!
Thanks for the reminder about following God's plan!

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