Monday, August 12, 2013

How to paint your fireplace surround

Well, the first of MANY projects (besides unpacking) is now complete. I decided to start with something little so I could reward myself with some instant gratification. John looks at this makeover almost daily and constantly says, "Man, I can't get over how much better that looks!"

Here's what I did...a simple little paint job that took less than an hour.

In case you're planning a similar project, here's a quick "how to."

If you use your fireplace, make sure to purchase the High Heat paint so it'll hold up throughout the winter. We don't want all your hard work to be in vain, now do we?

What you'll need: Rust-Oleum High Heat Paint
           150 grit sandpaper
drop cloth
    painter's tape
 paint brush  

Step One: 

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Apply paint with brush. (I must have been super excited and forgot to take a picture of this step. ;)
Step 6: Remove painters tape and admire your handiwork.

Super simple! If this project is on your to-do list, be sure to send me your own before/after pictures. I'd love to share them.

1 comment:

pam {simple details} said...

I'm with John ~ much better, and super easy! That stone fireplace is exactly like the home I grew up in. :)

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