Monday, September 30, 2013

Bedroom Picture Wall Reveal

It's such a good feeling to get our beautiful pictures and art off the bedroom floor and see it on the wall finally. Suddenly, things feel a lot less cluttered. Such a good thing!
We had these picture ledges from our previous house. They lived in our dining room with lots of white vases on them. Now, they fit perfectly in our bedroom and I love how this arrangement takes up the entire wall while allowing various sized pictures to find just the right spot.

Are you ever curious when you see numbers in peoples' homes, wondering why that number? Well, in our case the number 3 stands for the number of words in "I love you!" When we were dating, it wasn't uncommon for John to be standing across the room and suddenly hold up 3 fingers. And guess what I would do back?...
Yep, 4..."I love you, too!" So, it only seemed appropriate to sneak these metal house numbers into the design of our bedroom wall. For all my fellow bargain shoppers out there, you'll totally appreciate how much I paid for these babies. Wait for it, wait for it...20 cents! That's total, not a piece. It pays to scour the clearance section in the back of Tuesday Morning. 

This shot gives you a good idea of how shallow the ledges are. If you have a narrow area, like a hallway, these work great. We purchases ours at IKEA. They also come in white.

I love how the black shelves play with the black in the rug. Guess what else is black? hands, my hair, and my clothes after painting with it all weekend. Stay tuned to see they craziness I created. It's different. One of those things you'll either love or hate. Prepare yourself.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it looks SO good! i love the arrows!!!

pam {simple details} said...

Ok, not sure if I could choose a favorite ~ the art wall, or the #3 and $4!! You guys are too adorable! It's looking great, can't wait to see your new idea!

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