Monday, January 30, 2012

FORE...Tips for serving up an amazing baby shower!

 As promised, today you get to see our out of control baby shower for my sweet friend, Katie. We took elements of her Vintage Mod Golf Nursery and carried them into a super fun shower. Katie's anxiously awaiting baby #4 which just happens to be a little boy. His 3 sisters are pumped!

Let's take a picture tour of the shower and I'll pass on a few tips as we go.

First impressions are huge...guests arrived to a grand entrance complete with golf cart, clubs, candlelight and a turf runway!

Katie was a little in shock at this point. I think she was still trying to wrap her brain around everything!

Looking for something original? Throw a handful of golf clubs in a vase and surround it with greenery for a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement.

Traditional flowers are fun too, of course!

Katie hasn't decided on a name yet, so guests were encouraged to write their suggestions on golf balls!

We hit up an artificial turf manufacturer and purchased remnants. Then we cut them to size and lined the tables and bar. It was adorable and the texture it brought to the decor was awesome.

 When creating tablescapes, make sure you have varying heights of decor items and add in multiple layers. This keeps the eye moving as it's taking in the prettiness!

  Now, let's talk food. If I were a betting woman, I'd say this had to be Katie's favorite part. Katie admits to only attending certain functions because of the food! No pressure there, right?        

Notice the attention to detail in these fruit kabobs. Yes, the skewers are topped with golf club heads. Kuddos to the friend who took on this time-consuming task!

Another pearl of wisdom to take into consideration is to divide and conquer. Throwing a shower with multiple friends helps pool resources and alleviate stress. I was fortunate enough to share these responsibilities with 3 other friends, each of whom is very talented and creative! 

Also, don't be afraid to think beyond your local party store when looking for supplies. 

Plastic martini glasses were purchased from a restaurant supply company and made for a classy presentation of our Shirley Temples. 

Look on Etsy for special touches that make your party memorable. These straws played well into our vintage golf theme.

 We set up a self-serve salad bar complete with every topping you could think of. The over-sized martini glasses were perfect for holding the goodies. Pretty sure no one went home hungry that night!

No shower is complete without a cake. That's the best part, right?
Chocolate covered oreo balls were served up on golf tees and guests could pick one (or two or three) to add the perfect compliment to their vanilla cake.

Did you catch our crude humor in the little frame accompanying the cake? We just couldn't resist. It reads, "Finally, A Baby with Balls!" Remember...3 girls and 1 boy!

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed Katie's baby shower. You can mail your gifts to 5315 Golf Course Rd. Ha! Just kidding! 

Stop back by to check out her completed nursery reveal. Wondering why it's not complete? We're waiting on Katie and her hubby to decide on the name! You can't have an "initial" focal point wall without a name! Come on guys...the blogosphere is waiting!

If you're interested in design help for your own house, contact me. Edesign available!


Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

So cute!

jessica said...

Looks like fun! Great ideas!

pam {simple details} said...

Over-the-top fabulous!!! LOVE it from the first impression down the the last detail!

stevenjared0853 said...

Each and every detail in this fun baby shower was just epic. Well, I need some fairy themed décor inspirations for baby shower that I am going to attend at some outdoor New York venues for parties. If you have more inspirations then please share!

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