Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Okay To Steal

Whhhat? Is that really the title to this post? Yes! It's okay to steal, as long as, a) it's a great idea, and b) you give credit where credit is due. I ran across a fabulous idea from Kyle at Knight Moves, and I knew this needed to be replicated in my house. You can check out her original post here.

I have a funky wall in the kid's TV room where the closet is not centered. It leaves a dead space that's awkward. I had decided it'd be best to take the closet doors off and replace them with a curtain that ran the entire width of the wall. This would cover the awkward space and give a great illusion to the room. The problem was figuring out how to do this without spending a fortune on fabric. In steps Kyle's brilliant solution...duvet covers!

That's right, friends, this translates into no sewing! Guess what? It gets even better. These specific duvet covers came from Walmart, of all places!

Working backwards, below is why I had to find a solution.

This area is home to the dog kennels and the treadmill (which I moved for the pictures) lives right in front. Having curtains, instead of doors, allows for easy access. Before, the doors stayed open all the time and I had to look at this ugliness!

Now, I see this instead and it's a much better view. Don't you agree?

Thanks, Kyle, for helping solve my problem and saving me some pennies in the process!

 What about you? Have you ever used a traditional item in a non-traditional way? I'd love to hear!


jessica said...

Love it!

A Thrifted Market said...

Loving this idea!!

Heidi said...

Absolutely love this look! Do you remember the name or brand of the duvet? I'd love to do this in my kids room! Also, was it very affordable? Thanks for sharing!

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