Monday, June 18, 2012

Amazing Austin Designer

I've had a few ideas rattling around in my head concerning the decor of our guest bedroom. This room is the one where all our "leftover" furniture now resides and the bedding is literally 14 years old. It hasn't been high on my priority list to decorate since the majority of our family lives local and guests are few and far between. But, John keeps asking me when I'm going to "do something with it." He tells me, "It just doesn't go with the rest of the house."

Well, in my search for inspiration I ran across a local designer and absolutely fell in love with her house! Her name is Kimberly Renner and her company is The Renner Project. Simply put...I'm ready to move in. Look at her amazing designs...
 Postcard lighting installation...amazing!

 Kimberly's solution to low ceilings...shiplap and glossy enamel paint. Beautiful!

 Kimberly and her husband were smart enough to raid a local Air Force base when it was closing and bought many items that now live in their own home.

 I can't get enough of these stairs and the impressive!

Her sons' bathroom. Is this cute or what?

So it's official, Kimberly Renner, I NEED to work for you. I want to soak in your creativity and learn how your brain operates! 

These pictures are only a fraction of the Renner's beautiful home. Helen Thompson wrote a great article giving you all the details with lots more gorgeous pictures. Get your pinterest button ready, friends. Click here to see more!

Now, back to reality and my guest room. What I'm kicking, white, cream, honey, mint, Swedish, minimalist and a heart. Laughing as I type this and realize it almost sounds more like a recipe than a room design. Maybe I should name it my Swedish Cream Honey Mint room! Sound yummy or gross?! 

More to come...


Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

WOW is really all I can say about her home. I'm just in awe! Your guest sounds delicious! I love some mint right now :)

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Funny….I have a couple of those photos saved to my inspiration files and didn't even know they were related to each other! (the postcards and the kitchen with those awesome scones between the windows!) Beautiful designs….looking forward to seeing how you interpret them for your guest bedroom!

pam {simple details} said...

Can I move in with you? Love their creative use of the ordinary! Those postcards would be so fun for a guest room, hope we get to see your version of them somewhere!

Elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

I love her style! I have had a few of those images pinned, but did not know the designer. I'm so happy to finally know, her work is amazing.

Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

I'll be your intern if you get to work with her! ha ha I love that high gloss ceiling! So intentional and so cool!
Good luck with your guest room. I'm sure it will be beautiful like the rest of your house!

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