Monday, June 4, 2012

Blogging made me do it! Featuring Danielle Oakey

Guess what?! You're in for a treat this week. 'Blogging made me do it' isn't happening just on Friday this week. How about hearing from some fabulous ladies today and Wednesday too?! 

Here's what I love about this series...I've read Danielle's blog for a while now and I've never seen this project. Isn't it great that she gets to dig in her archives and share with us? It's a shame when great projects get buried.

I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with Danielle. Let me explain...I love her blog and think she has amazing taste, but my best friend/neighbor thinks Danielle is THE BOMB! We'll be working on a project and she'll often say, "Maybe I should hire Danielle." HELLLOOOO, friend...thanks for the vote of confidence. She sure knows how to make a girl feel appreciated, right?! (just to clarify, this is totally true but there are no hard you, Katie!) And, you're right, Danielle is fantastic!

Moving on...Let's see what Blogging has made Danielle do!

 Hi, I am Danielle from Danielle Oakey Interiors!
I am excited to be here today participating in Dana's "Blogging Made Me Do It" series!

I started blogging on a daily basis in September of 2010. I must admit, as soon as I began the blogging adventure, my mind was constantly spinning with DIY projects. I began tackling my small condo one project at a time while blogging about the process.

One of the first DIY projects I tackled was my mirrors for my dining room.
Although I am sure I would have eventually gotten around to hanging something there, blogging definitely gave me that much needed nudge to get-er-done. 

I bought these mirrors from my local thrift store for $8.00 each.
The scale was perfect and so was the price.
They are quite large, about 50"h x 21"w.

I primed them,

and painted them white.

I then decided to paint a pale blue on the inside of the mirror.

I love how they turned out, and how do you possibly beat $16.00.

The best part, everyone thinks I paid lots of money for them!

If only they knew :)

Thanks so much for having me Dana!

Thanks so much for sharing your time with us today, Danielle. If you're not already a regular reader of Danielle's blog, you need to check out what you've been missing!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love those mirrors and love danielle! her blog is a must read for me- her style is clean and amazing!

KatieB said...

AAHHH! Dana! You ARE appreciated! And an amazing decorator! I will never use anyone else but you!

pam {simple details} said...

I'm a regular Danielle fan too, and had never seen those mirrors, they're fabulous and what a steal! Fun series, Dana!

Simple Dwellings said...

I love Danielle's blog too, and I've never seen this project! She is the DIY queen! I also love your blog and this series. :) Blogging definitely has us all being a lot more creative!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

Thanks so much for having me and for all the sweet things you said about me! I am seriously so flattered! You are the best!



Lisa - A Room with A View said...

I love the mirrors and it was a great idea to lighten them up. Stunning with the chandelier to enhance the look. Danielle has an inspiring blog.

{Hi Sugarplum!} said...

I love Danielle and am so glad she started blogging! I look forward to all her posts!

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