Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #37

Today's RAK challenge comes paired with a game. Ready to play? 

What do these 3 pictures have in common?




Oh, I threw ya with that last one, didn't I?

Give up? Should I make you think a little harder before revealing the answer? Okay, okay I know ya'll like challenges so we'll keep the game going a little longer.

Picture explanations: (Remember we're looking for the common factor)

#1- Reed came home from church camp last night and immediately after his shower, this is what he said, "Momma, wanna snuggle?"(obviously not an actual picture of the moment, but you get the point)

#2- I enjoyed my first full facial yesterday and boy, was it relaxing!

#3- When I told Bryn her friend was home to visit from Singapore she said, "I can't wait to give her an anaconda hug!" (think about that one for a's actually really funny!)

Ding, Ding, guessed it! 


RAK Challenge #37: Make it a point to touch the people you care about today.

This may seem simple or silly but in today's times of electronics and hustle and bustle, I think we often forget to touch the ones around us. There are hundreds, probably even thousands of studies that show the benefit of human touch. The emotions produced from a kind touch are awesome. A simple touch can reassure, soothe and even calm a person. 

I think this is a great way to spread a little kindness to those you love. 

Okay friends, you know the drill...go out and be kind!


Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

What a great reminder. Everyone needs to be touched. I remember after my dad passed away (years ago) i made a point to always hug my mom when I saw her. Living alone and not being touched is very hard for older people so thanks for reminding us!

pam {simple details} said...

First, what an adorable photo of you two with those killer smiles! And, Bryn's 'anaconda hug,' love it! That needs to be her signature hug. I always love it when bloggers do this at the end of their comment! Sending one your way! (((hugs)))

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