Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest room Before and Afters

It's about time, right? Wow, this project ended up taking way longer than anticipated and was way more laborious than expected but it's done! I won't waste my words in this part of the post because who am I kidding, you're just going to scroll down and right now you don't really care what I have to say. ha!

Our guest room was transformed from this...

to this...

I took a few shots at night since this wall is way hard to photograph due to the windows and my lack of photography skills. This shot helps you see the accessories a tad bit better.

Don't forget to appreciate the black plank ceiling that we installed this summer. 
The rug is a $75 score marked down from $795. 

This dresser was sold on Craigslist and one day will be replaced with a small writing desk.

I'll stop talking and let you soak it all in...


I'm in love with the picture over the bed. It's a $10 score from Goodwill and literally the paper on the back crumbles when you touch it.

See the "metal" bars? They're not really metal. I had to figure out a cheap way to get the look. Stay tuned to hear the details.

Fun vintage pulley light on a swivel arm.

This painting is very special. The artist is John's uncle's late sister. She gifted it to us when we visited her in Italy. It's been lost since our last move and I did a major happy dance when I finally found it last weekend in the attic.

There's not a single accessory that cost more than $8 on this entire wall. I frequented Goodwill and hunted for treasures. It was really fun!

The bed is an inherited piece that I'd love to switch out but it's not practical. I tried to make the rest of the room killer so the focus wouldn't be on the not so fabulous bed. And, no, I don't have the patience to stain or paint it, so it stays as is.

These charts are huge and fill up the wall perfectly. They were the last piece to the puzzle. I'll share more about them in another post.

Okay, friends, feel free to gush and leave tons of comments so John can feel the love. He worked his tush off on this room. He continues to amaze me with his patience and skills. He's such a selfless person. I'm blessed to have someone who embraces my crazy ideas and helps me bring them to life.


Nancy said...

Dana, there is so much to love in this room! Those black plank ceilings are magnificent! and I love the vintage pully sconce and all the love that went into that bookshelf wall. Can't wait to hear about the details: are those towel bars? It is obvious the care and detail you took to make it look perfect. Great job!
xo Nancy

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

It looks amazing! I am loving that special piece of artwork. So much detail and thought went into this room. We are working on our guest room right now as well :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it is amazing! the shelves are awesome of course, but wow you are totally making me love black. i may need more of it in my life right now. especially the plaid kind at the foot of the bed and the artwork kind. LOVE. pinning.

pam {simple details} said...

John ~ If you were fishing this would be the mother of all fish! Golfing...a hole in one! And, you've raised the bar for husbands BIG time!

Dana ~ I knew it would be killer, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity! The 'metal' bars are SO fabulous, the black botanicals are a great compliment to the ceiling. Wishing I could see it in person! :)

Holly said...

Bravo John and Dana! Those shelves look like they would be a labor of love but they turned out so well. My favorite part of this room though is that awesome pulley lamp next to the bed - that's great.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

That is a great guest room, Dana!The shelving looks amazing and I love all the well thought out artifacts, books and family heirloom and all of your lucky other finds. The faux metal bars on the shelves are intriguing.That rug was a steal and yes, the phenomenal ceiling - gorgeous!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love this. OK, how did you make the metal bars? Love them.

Anonymous said...

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