Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #53

Ahhh, beautiful trees. Don't you just love 'em? I do. And, today they play a key role in helping us spread a little kindness. When they're tired of wearing their colorful clothes and begin to drop nature's gift, that's your signal to kick your rear into gear and seize the opportunity to help out a friend.

My Texas friends are probably thinking you get a free pass this week since it still feels like summer around here and the trees haven't realized it's fall just yet. But, not so! Think outside the box a little, friends, and feel free to push that lawn mower right on over into your neighbor's yard.

You know the drill, go out and be kind!


pam {simple details} said...

It would be a fun family affair, and fresh air & exercise! :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i think this is especially nice to do for the elderly neighbors, or maybe those home with a new baby, who can't get out and do it themselves. :)

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

This IS a nice idea - you are so inpsiring, Dana!

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