Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Affordable Shelving Option

Do you have a big wall just screaming for a bookshelf but you don't want to fill it with something big and bulky? I've got the perfect solution, and it's very affordable! Ikea's glass shelving unit, Vittsjo.
My clients didn't need extra storage in their bedroom so we decided to use shelves instead of traditional bedroom furniture, like a dresser or chest of drawers. Here's a peek at the top of their shelves and how they're styled. The layered artwork from their kids is the best!

We used two Vittsjo units and pushed them together. We didn't go crazy with accessories since we were going for a light and airy look to compliment the glass shelves. Did I mention these shelves are only $70 each? So that means we filled this entire wall for $140. Try to find a decent dresser for that price, I dare ya!

Some of my favorite accessories. I suggested they fill the tall frame stand with a little black and white picture or one of the boys' school pictures.

I have a secret to share. Sometimes I buy accessories for clients and secretly hope they won't like them so I can buy them for myself. Case and point...this bowl. I love, love it. I pulled off several leaves of the faux hydrangea branch and this little scene screams perfection in my book. (It's the little things, right?!)


Whitney @ drabtofab said...

I love them, and they're styled beautifully! I agree, the little things make it pop!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i think anyone in our type of business shares your secret.... i know i buy things and if they don't sell sometimes i am not crying! :) and the shelves look awesome! the bowl is perfect.

Thomas Maloney said...

This glass shelving unit is simply amazing. Not only does it serve as a storage solution, but it also works as a display case where you are able to exhibit all the beautiful handicrafts, vases, pots and many others that you wish to showcase to your guests. However, you really need to be careful not to create a clutter instead. You need to have creativity and good organizing skills in order to remain neat and tidy and not defeat the purpose of the open concept of the glass shelving storage unit.

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