Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #26

I hope you're all feeling kind today. If you're not, go back to bed, roll over and get out on the other side. Problem fixed? Great! Now it's time to accept your RAK challenge for the day.

RAK Challenge #26: Throw a "You're Awesome Party" for someone!

My husband and kids are no strangers to doing RAKS for other people, but several nights ago I turned the tables on them! They were the recipients of a Random Act of Kindness. While everyone was away at school and work I baked an angel food cake to get ready for their "You're Awesome Party."

After dinner I told them it was time to celebrate just how awesome they all are with a little cake, a little whipping cream and of course, a lot of kind words. We served up healthy portions and let the fun begin.

We went around the table and told each other how awesome they are and why we love them. Everyone took turns and addressed each person individually. Sweet Bryn decided we needed to to this BEFORE anyone could eat their cake. Darn...I had really long lists prepared but this suggestion just made me edit it considerably! She didn't inherit her willpower from me, friends.

It was really sweet seeing the kids faces beam when it was their turn to listen to their compliments. They both got the nervous giggles. I also thought it was special for the kids to witness John and me expressing heartfelt words towards each other.

We demolished our cake and guess what happened next? What's one to do with an almost full can of whipping guessed it...

Yum! Yum!

I invite you, my friends, to not let another day go by without throwing a "You're Awesome Party!" It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just make sure the words you speak are out of love and aimed straight at their hearts.

Don't forget, your free RAK printables are available here

If you're not in the partying mood, there are 25 other ways to share your kindness. Click here, here or here to get started.


pam {simple details} said...

What a 'sweet' idea, my boys would be al over that! Yikes!! You are one fun (and kind!) mama!

Lisa Scibilia said...

What a fun surprise for everyone in your family!! They must have loved it - especially the whipped cream!

Kayla @ Your Day Simplified said...

I love this post! So simple but such a great memory. Thanks for sharing!

miki said...

such a good idea! My husband and I just finished our basement, and wanted to throw a party this weekend. Now I have a theme, and an AWESOME one!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

The best idea, Dana! You have a very happy and fun-loving family!

Carly | a simple affair said...

This post makes me SO happy! What a wonderful family! Looks like an absolute blast!

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