Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #18

Whew! Yesterday was quite the day for my tiny little blog. Mandi gave me a little RAK of her own when she shared my Diamond wall treatment with her readers. Kindness just does the heart good! 
Thank you, Mandi!
And another big thanks to all of her reader's who stopped by and left such awesome comments!

I'm really excited to share today's RAK Challenge with you guys. It's definitely one of my favorites so far! I have to share a little backstory to let you know how the idea originated. I was shopping on-line several weeks ago and ran across something that really made me sad. I'll show you what it was but I'm not posting the source, as I don't want to be associated with it in any way.
Apparently, you can actually buy sticky notes and leave a nasty-gram on someone's car when you think they did a poor job of parking. I thought about this all day when I was running my errands. Each time I got into my car I wondered, "What if someone had left a note like that on my car? How would that make me feel?" Honestly, friends, it would really tick me off and hurt my feelings. I think I'd be even more angry that the person was such a coward that they had to leave me a note instead of telling me to my face!

I stewed on this for a couple of weeks before it dawned on me that I could turn this into a RAK challenge!

RAK Challenge #18: Buy a package of sticky notes to leave in your car so you can leave random, kind messages on the cars of your friends and strangers.
 My daughter and I bought ours at the dollar store yesterday. She couldn't wait to leave the first note!
 Check it out...there are 160 stickies. Know what that means? Our family is going to make it a goal to have used up the entire stack by the end of the year. Yep, one hundred sixty notes of kindness and hopefully an added smile to someone's day.

Our first victims:
While at the orthodontist, we asked the receptionist which car belong to the doctor then left him this little note.

Mr. Art teacher got a note on his fancy motorcycle.

Now we're off to guitar lessons. What should we write on his note?
Mr. C...You rock! (Get it?)

Wouldn't it be fun to find a sweet note on your car?...much better than that dumb one mentioned at the top of the page!

Yesterday's notes were for people we know, but I fully intend to randomly pick cars out and drop them a line too. 
A few ideas: 
You're beautiful!
I hope you enjoy a good laugh today!
Thank you for parking way out here so others' could have the close spots. You're the best!
Give yourself a hug. You deserve it!
Have a happy day!
Someone thinks you're great!

Okay, friends, it's time to dig out your stickies or go buy a whole, new stack. Let's start spreading kindness one note at a time!

If you're new here, jump over to the search bar on the right side of the page and type in 'RAK challenges' so you can see what other fun things have been going on.


The Inspired Girl said...

This is such a sweet idea! I agree with you on the bad parking job sticky notes, while they are pretty funny, I wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings.


pam {simple details} said...

Clever and kind, wouldn't expect anything less, my friend!

Erin @ His and Hers said...

Dana. You are so sweet and inspiring. I would be crushed if I got that nasty note on my car, and it hurts me just to think that there are people who would do that to another person without even thinking about it. I love your blog for your clever ideas, but also because you uplift me!

Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods said...

Hi Dana! I just found your blog from the D*S post! Congrats! I think this post-it idea is brilliant! I can't imagine being so mean that you'd actually spend your hard earned money on those stupid sticky notes. Oh each their own I suppose! Luckily, there are still good people in the world and you seem to be one! I think it's amazing your teaching your kids such thoughtful acts!
PS - Love your diamond wall! You did a great job! :-)

miki said...

I have seen those bad parking sticky notes on pinterest. LAME! I like your idea much better! Thanks!

Karla Medina said...

First off, i thinknit's horrible that people can pirchase negative post its. That's not very nice and it makes me sad. But I loike to thin there are more people like you in the world. Its great that you included your family in this idea, it's great for your kids to learn to share happiness with others.

Second, kind post it's is actually #17 on my adventure list ...

....i planned on 10 but i like the idea of doing a whole pack. Why not? Right? :)

bonniegetchell said...

I love this! :) And congrats on getting mentioned on Mandi's blog-- I'm a follower of hers as well and was like "hey, I already know Dana!" haha :) proud of you!

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

Piper said...

Love this idea...thinking I need to get started!!

Simple Dwellings said...

What a sweet and inspiring idea! I truly believe that acts of kindness are contagious and I bet others will pay it forward and do the same! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

(Eileen) a creative day said...

Ahhhh I saw this on design sponge this morning, CONGRATS!!! (

It looks AMAZING!!


Diana @ Your Day Simplified said...

Oh Dana, I am totally going to do this. What a great idea! I love your RAK's. They make my heart warm. I wish I had done more of them when my kids were little but I guess it's never too late! Have a Great Day!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

I am enjoying this series so very much, Dana, and have to share it with my kids.

Carly {a simple affair} said...

I have so many stacks of post-it notes and this is just how I would like to use them up! Absolutely love it!


suzieQ said...

Dana, new to your blog, am now a follower. I think your idea is wonderful and the best part is the lesson you are instilling in your children. Teaching kindness is one of the most important lessons for everyone and you done good, for your son and for your readers. Thanks for the reminder and I will pay it forward.

Anonymous said...

Dana -
Your blog is great. But your feelings would really be hurt if someone left that note on your car? Perhaps everyone should think about that before they park like a jerk?
Also, you'd rather the person tell you to your face that you're a terrible parker, but how woul dthat even be possible?? It's a parking lot!
I think people need to be less sensitive and more conscientious to other drivers! Just my two cents...

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