Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Man, why does vacation have to come to an end so quickly? We were making great headway on our most recent project then BAM, reality hits and it's time for my husband to go do that thing that puts food on our table. What's up with that?! Doesn't work know that we have greatness going on over here and it's interrupting our flow?

Kidding aside, I'm really pleased with the progress we've made so far. Props to the hubby for taking this "idea" and running with it.

There aren't any pretty pictures just yet, but here's a little something.

Obviously, I've been thinking about power tools a lot recently (as noted in my last 2 posts). I keep wondering why we (the female kind) are so intimidated by them.

Here are my reasons for intimidation:
1) They are loud!
2) They could cut a limb off!
3) Math...enough said!

Let me provide a little illustration of point #2. Many moons ago, when I was first dating my husband, I was lucky enough to be introduced to my future father-in-law by this fun little phone conversation:

Me: "Uh, Hi Mr. Frieling, This is Dana. I've been dating your son for a couple weeks. Not sure if he's told you about me yet. Anyway, can I have your insurance information? I'm about to take John to the emergency room and I think it'd be helpful to have it!"

Mr. Frieling: "Wow! You must be a knockout if he was so distracted that he almost cut his fingers off. "

Just kidding, I made his part up! If I were being more accurate, I might have to enable some sensors.

I'll spare you the bloody details and you'll all be glad to know it was nothing a handful of stitches couldn't fix. I'm happy to report that all 10 digits are still properly functioning!

This little scene is why my first DIY lesson in power tools from my husband, started with the wise advice of "Always keep your eye on the blade and never cross cut!"

I was intending for this post to inspire you to go out and use some tools but I'm afraid I might be heading in the opposite direction. Maybe I'll save that post for another day when this one has run far from your memory! Hopefully, the after pictures of our wall will become your inspiration.

Let's get to work, contact me and we'll start creating something amazing in your own home!


Piper said...

Haa!! This is soooo funny.... what makes it so comical is that in the past several months I have been blog hopping (stalking, lol) great home decor ideas, painting furniture and frugal decorating and more!! Well, I am not the crafty type and useless when it comes to figuring out what I need to complete a project, much less start it.... well... the funny part is I work for Kling*por's Wood*orking Shop and we sell "quality tools and supplies for the woodworker" I have access to everything I need for most projects about 10ft from my office door! Most of what we sell, I have no clue what it does much less how it works!! I have gotten a "few" things (for my hubby of course) to get some simple projects done.... I have a long way to go!! Keep up the good work...and invest in some earplugs THAT will help the terrible noise that power tools make!

pam {simple details} said...

It's looking good!! Can't he take a vacation day...all of the blogosphere is waiting!

Tracy Snyder said...

Oh my gosh!!! We recently made a trip to the er after an "accident." My carpenter hubby interupted bed time by coming into the house with a towel wrapped around his hand, pale as a ghost and announcing he might need to go to the ER. I freaked out...we made it to the ER and he still has all of his fingers. Before his accident I had some projects in mind that I was going to ask him to show me how to use his tools. um, I just can't now. Hopefully I will get over it soon.
Thanks for sharing your story.

Holly said...

Oh boy! I'm guilty of being afraid of power tools. But my hubby isn't exactly the most handy so we really don't have a lot of power tools around except for a drill.

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