Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh, Fiddle!

Hey friends! I am so excited. Want to know why? I have been dying for a certain little tree to come live in my house for well over a year now. I've seen pictures of these trees all over gorgeous design magazines and I've even posted about it.

I've searched high and low for one of these trees and finally found a source.
I was in last week picking up a plant and I just happened to ask if they stock Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. The guy said they "sometimes" carry them so I left my contact info. and asked if they'd call next time they received a shipment. Two days later, I got the call! They had ordered some just because I asked! How awesome is that?! I trucked my hiney down there yesterday and picked up 2 trees, one for me and one for a client! If you're close by and interested, they had 4 others. Run quick...They don't stay around long!

Supposedly, they're easy to care for. I don't have the greenest of thumbs, so let's hope I can keep it alive! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I've tried and tried to think of a smooth transition into this next part, but I can't! When I read someone's blog I find myself wanting to know more about them as a person. Because of this I've come up with some random facts about myself so those of you interested can "get to know me" a little better.

Things about me you may or may not care to know...
*I don't like the lingo "followers"on blogs. I'm not worthy to be followed, just be my friend!
*I have naturally curly hair that I've fought most of my life. I've just now, over the last few years, started wearing it curly most of the time.
*My face looks like I have chicken pox when I cry.
*I'm strangely drawn to homeless people.
*My degree is in Recreational Therapy. I worked in a Psychiatric Treatment Center for kids right out of college up until my kids were born.
*I have a need to be different. Not the "I need attention" type different, just a little "out of the ordinary" type different.
*I love trees.
*I love adrenaline inducing activities...roller coasters, bungee jumping, sky diving, you name it! check, check and check.
*I was on a gymnastic team that was offered to train with the Hungarian Olympic Team for 2 weeks in Hungary. My parents didn't let me go. Can't believe they wouldn't send their 10 y.o. to a communist country with coaches they didn't trust...geesh! (They definitely made the right decision!)
*I ran the Olympic torch for the 1984 Olympics.
*I only cook because I have to. Not my favorite thing to do!
*Chocolate, Olive oil and coffee are my top 3 favorite foods/flavors.
*I started running with I turned 30 because I was terrified of my metabolism slowing down.
*My birthday is on Valentine's Day.
*I was not physically attracted to my husband when we first met. (don't worry, he'll confess the same truth about me!)
*I tried out for cheerleader at Texas Tech University but I didn't make it.
*I cry when I get frustrated or mad.
*I knew next to nothing about computers until I started blogging. (still don't know as much as I want to)
*I want to take my family on a mission trip when my kids are older.
*I think everyone has a story and I want to know it!
*I'm a very impatient person.
*I can't stand helping my kids with their homework. Hope their teachers don't read my blog!
*I'm a one or two "close" friends type person.
*There are less than 5 items in my closet that cost more than $40.
*I feel guilty spending money on clothes for myself.
*I love to talk to God while I'm running and taking showers.
*I'm in bed by 8:30pm on most nights.
*I can't stand sleeping in hotel beds or walking barefoot in the room. Can you say germs?!
*I have a warped sense of humor. When people fall, run into something, etc. I laugh uncontrollably.
*I'm terrified of screwing up my kids!
*I am real. My life is not perfect, but I am perfectly made.

So, are you surprised about anything you just read? I'm off help my daughter finish her science fair project. I'll be glad when that's off our her plate!

I'd love to help you create something fun in your house, contact me if you're interested!


Carly {a simple affair} said...

I am beyond happy you included all of this, and while I love the tree, I loved getting to know about you more! It sounds like we have much more in common than I even thought--we've already discussed our love of the "thrill," I do the same in hotel rooms, and I am very impatient. And what? You ran the Olympic torch--so, so cool! I'm glad you weren't sent off to Hungary :) So much more I could say, but I feel like I'm writing a novel-just happy to be your "friend" not a "follower"

pam {simple details} said...

Felt like I just had coffee with a friend! :) You're quite the athlete and we want more details about the Olympic torch! I'm surprised you're in bed at 8:30...what?!! I know you told me that once, I thought it was that sense of humor!

Sonya said...

Pam and Carly are so right. Coffee with a friend, uncontrollably laugh at some one run smack into something and then go sky diving. I'm right there with you. I really enjoyed todays post and constantly saying, "me too!" to some of the same things. Have a great day. Good luck with your tree, looks beautiful.

Thoughts for the day said...

Wow you and I are alike with the hotel comment, I just cannot relax knowing that someone else slept in the same bed not even 12 hours before me. I generally like to pack our own sheets, blankets and pillows and always have to have slippers (an old pair) for the floor. Do not enjoy the motel/hotel scene.

Melissa @ Rooms said...

Those are beautiful trees...thanks for sharing! Fun facts about you also:) Aren't we all terrified of screwing up our kids??!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Dana

I love looking around your lovely blog. I just enjoyed every bit. I am a new follower. I would love for you to stop by Have a great week.


trashtopleasure said...

It sucks that you don't live near me cuz you really are an awesome,interesting and inspiring person. It is a honor to be allowed to get to know you through your blog. I am definitely your newest "friend ".

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