Monday, January 23, 2012

Tricks and Trims

 Hey friends! I hope this weekend was a good one for ya. My family and I traveled to the coast for my brother-in-law's wedding and it was sooo cool! They were married in a Flight Museum. The ceremony and reception all took place in an airplane hanger...we were literally on concrete floors and surrounded by WWII planes. My first thought when I learned of their plans was "What in the world?" But honestly, it was very unique and so representative of them as a couple. I love it when people think outside of the box!

I'm hoping to have nursery pictures to share with you this week. We're down to the final touches. You can check out the plans here if you haven't seen our fun, vintage golf nursery plans.

While working on the nursery, I realized I should pass on a little tip that I've used numerous times in the past. Since sewing is not my speciality, I had to find a way around it and did so by becoming friendly with the hot glue gun and a little ribbon.

These drapes started out plain navy. They were a little blah so we added 3 inch white grosgrain ribbon. I knew if I had tried to sew this I would have a puckered mess! To avoid such a mess, we simply tacked the edges every 5 inches or so. The "tacks" actually show up more in this picture than they do in person. That's weird! 

I know, I know...I mentioned hot glue then preceded to tell you how I used a needle and thread. I couldn't use my hot glue trick on these drapes because I was using white ribbon. Oh, I tried, yes I did. It certainly would have been easier! Sadly, the glue showed through so my idea was nixed this time.

Moving on...when we moved into our house several years ago I was hit with the realization that our ceilings were much higher, which meant my shower curtains and drapes suddenly looked like they had shrunk! It was going to be quite costly to buy long drapes so I improvised. I purchased whatever I could find on sale then added fabric and trim
This is the shower curtain in our guest bath. Since my mother can sew (straight lines) she added the "extra length" needed to the bottom. Then, to cover the seam I hot glued the trim right on top! Super easy and it has held up for the past 3 years without a problem.
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Same story, second verse going on in my daughter's room. If you look close, you can even see some hot glue remnants living on the left side of the polka dot ribbon.

So what can you learn from today's post? There's always a way around something that seems hard! Just kidding. Sewing is only for patient people? Well, maybe...but what you should really walk away with is the knowledge that hot glue can work just as well as a needle and thread!

If you'd like to spruce up a room in your own house, contact me so we can get started!


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Love the custom look without the expense, too! I haven't ever tried it, but there is some sort of iron-on fusing that I've seen people use..easy!

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