Friday, January 6, 2012

Yikes...It's final exam time!

Does your pulse quicken when you're faced with a final exam? Do your palms get so sweaty that it makes you wonder how so much liquid could possibly escape those tiny little pores? I can hear my heart beating as I realize the time has come to practice what I've been preaching (without the teacher around)!

What in the world am I talking about, you ask, since it's been how many years (we won't go there) since I've been in college and there's no way I'm talking about a paper and pencil test (thank goodness). It all comes back to power tools, my friends.

I thought I was on the home-stretch yesterday and would have fun pictures of our wall treatment to show you guys today, but guess what? Several of my fancy little boards decided to jump off the wall all by themselves yesterday! I had put the puzzle together and decided they felt snug enough and "probably wouldn't fall" before I had a chance to nail them to the wall. Can we say stupid?

When I came back from my errands, 3 of the pieces were laying on the ground and well, let's just say they didn't survive the fall too well. darn! darn! darn! with a little foot stomping too!

I played doctor with one of the pieces and a little wood-filler but the diamond is barely hanging on. It's currently on life-support but I think I'm about to pull the plug. tears!

John walked into the kitchen this morning with a little smirk on his face as he looked at our patient. Then he says, "I think it's time to test your skills. It's all you today. We need another diamond." Yikes! There's just something different about doing this without him standing over my shoulder to make sure I'm not going to cut my fingers off. Then he says, "Think of it as your final exam. Let's see if you really learned how to use that saw!" Hence, when the sweating begins...

So I'm off to have a date with Mr. Miter. Prayers would be appreciated. ha! Blogging and projects would be kind of hard to do without fingers, don't 'cha think?

Have a happy weekend, friends!

If you'd like help creating fun projects in your own home, contact me. I'd love to work with you!


pam {simple details} said...

Yikes, is right! When I told you I'd used a miter saw, it was this safe little box with a hand saw! Ha! I'd be off to Home Depot to see my friends that do cuts for you!

Stephanie Shepherd said...

You go girl! I remember being fearful when I was forced to take a shop class in high school. I still have all my fingers, but I leave that work to the men in my life now :)

Elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Good luck Dana, you can do it! I have never had the nerve to use the saw when my hubby's not around. I stick to the simple stuff and wait for him to handle the power tools....maybe I should make an effort to learn this year. Happy weekend!

Holly said...

Yikes! That feeling when you've hung something and you come home and it's fallen on the a big sad face :( I've had that happen a few times. Good luck and I hope you master Mr. Miter!

Carly {a simple affair} said...

Ahhh! Hope everything went well!


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