Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fake vs. Real

Let's address the age old question...fake vs. real. I'm talking about cowhides. You weren't thinking I meant something else where you? ;)

I made a big mistake. Less than 2 years ago I purchased a fake cowhide for our living room. I had good daughter was freaking out that I was even considering a real one and I was a tad worried about how my dogs would react to it. You know, the whole animal scent issue. Last thing I wanted was for them to decide they needed to mark their territory. I could just see them thinking, "Move over moo moo. This is MY house!"

Well, because I decided to go the cheap route, while pleasing my daughter and dogs, it ended up costing me more in the end since I had to replace it less than 2 years later.

                                                                Fake        vs.         Real

My fake hide just wasn't hacking it. It started coming apart in the high traffic areas and it collected my dog's fur like nobody's business. Even after I vacuumed it, the dogs' fur was still visible. Such a pain!

My real hide came with a very unexpected bonus... 
The dog fur slips right off. It doesn't even have a chance to stick. Yippee! Less vacuuming is always a good thing in my book.

So, friends, learn from my mistake. If you're on the fence and wondering if this is an area worth saving a few bucks, the answer is a big, fat no! It's money well spent to go real in this situation. Think about your area and if it's a space that gets lots of foot love, then quality is definitely the way to go.


pam {simple details} said...

Love the color and pretty markings on the new rug and mine is exactly the same with dog hair -yippee!! Even my very light color stays amazingly clean, too. I see your baby prefers the comfort of the sofa! :)

Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

I like the look of the real one much better! Thanks for your advice too!! Your pup is so cute. :)

A Delightful Design said...

beautiful. I love that your cute dog still looks mad about the whole situation. ;-)

Hyphen Interiors said...

I own both - that exact faux one and a real one. The faux one has always been in a low traffic area. After two years it's fine. But, I am not sure how it'd be in a high traffic area. The real one, though, is in the family room and doing well. Very pretty real one that you found.

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