Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Act of Kindness #48

Happy Thursday! Just one more day and this week's in the books, friends. Is it just me or are the days flying by now that school started? It feels like we're living in a time warp sometimes!

Ready for a challenge? More importantly, are you ready to spread a little kindness?!

There's something about the site of money that immediately grabs your attention, right? And, is there anything better than finding a little extra cash just laying around? Well, that's the basis for today's challenge.

While you're out and about today, simply drop a dollar bill. If you really want to put some thought behind this challenge, make it a strategic move. Think about your surroundings and the possible recipient...

Close to a park? Drop a dollar
Next to a school? Drop a dollar
At Chuck E. Cheese? Drop a dollar
Catch my drift? will appreciate this RAK a million times more than an adult!

That's not to say an adult wouldn't appreciate it too, though.
Next to a vending machine? Drop a dollar
Close to a laundry mat? Drop a dollar
How about a parking meter? Drop a dollar

Okay, friends, it's your turn...go out and be kind!


pam {simple details} said...

Couldn't be easier to make someone's day! :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

this is a great and easy idea!

Piper said...

Easy Peasy!! Just last week my Wed night lesson was on encouraging others and putting other first. And I challenged the children to RAK someone and I wrote on the board RAKed....and my son...bless him. "why would I want to rake someone? Maybe rake for them..." That kid is sooo literal!! Once I got them to understand, I challenged them to find ways to be kind and to encourage others. Last night a few reported they sent a card, they let someone in front of them in line, sat with a new student in their class.... Our challenge to them was to keep on!! And one said... my friend gave me a snack. I guess I got RAK'ed!

Piper said...

Oh and I just thought of this.... drop one in the Dollar store in the kids toys section! My son would be WHOOO HOOO!! He would be singing like the little rascals!

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