Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Whew! John and I have been slapped in the face the last few weeks as we've realized our kids' since of entitlement has gotten out of control. Hence...

Today's transparent topic: Entitlement

Parenting seems like a roller coaster at times. You're going along and everything seems great then before you know it, AHHHH...hold on...things are going downhill FASSST! Suddenly, our seemingly great kids turned into monsters before our very eyes. How did that happen? When did that happen?!

Quick...how do we fix them? There's an immediate solution, right? That's how this is supposed to work. There must be a magic pill that will turn them back into our little angels.

You guys see my "little angels" performing Random Acts of Kindness all the time and must be shocked at this point to realize that they could possibly do something wrong, much less, be entitled, right? Boy, I sure hope this isn't the case. I'm here to tell ya, my kids are very. much. normal. AND, very. much. entitled.

We had a come to Jesus meeting with them last week and were met with tears and even anger when we told them they'd have to start doing chores. Sadly, I was surprised by the reaction. I didn't exactly expect them to be jumping with joy but I certainly didn't expect this news to seem so tragic. 

"What? You expect me to work before I can turn on the TV or go outside to play with friends? How dare you mom and dad!" thought the Frieling kids.

I am largely to blame for this predicament.  It's been much easier to do everything myself than to take the time to make a list of chores, set days, then ensure they're being completed. I'm not teaching my kids a single bit of responsibility if I keep doing everything for them. In fact, I'm just feeding their entitlement.

So, we've turned over a new leaf at the Frieling casa as we're trying to prevent our kids from growing into adults who expect the world to serve them. We're praying that our kids will grow up and have hearts that are eager to serve others.

If this problem rings true in your own life, I'd love to pray you through it. Heaven knows, that's the only way we're making it through! Please leave me a comment or send me an email: dfrieling1@gmail.com. Thank goodness, God is bigger than even my kids' entitlement. ;)


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

this post totally hits me- i am trying to teach my kids well and not raise them to be spoiled because i have seen, when out and about, the product of those kids.... when i go to the mall and i go into a shop to get some clothes and i can't get anyone to help me because the employees are talking to friends or on their phone and don't feel like they actually need to do their jobs to get paid for their time.... i walk out when that happens. drives me BATTY.

Piper said...

All I can say is "DITTO" at the Stephens house!!
I am guilty of the same. But, I caused it so I must fix it. Will it be easy? NOPE? Do I care that they will be upset? Well, truthfully yes, but I know they will get over it. I did!! :)

pam {simple details} said...

It's me, the meanest mom on the planet! The ONLY mom on the planet whose child has to do chores! The ONLY mom that makes him put his ipod and phone on my dresser at night! And, if he chose not to dilly-dally his chores would probably take about 3 min/weekday and 30 min/weekend! Sorry, you got me going jon my little monster!

Meggan Redfield said...

All I can say is parent's who don't give their kids responsibilities aren't doing their kids any favors in the long run. I read a quote on pinterest of all places that read "If you want your kids to be grounded, put some responsibility on their shoulders." They may not like it now, but you are helping them be well-rounded people!

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