Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday Candy Jars

This year Bryn went unconventional with her birthday cake desires. She decided it'd be fun to take her friends to visit Hey Cupcake! instead of celebrating with a cake at home. If you've ever visited Austin you know this is a must see/visit/do type thing. Isn't this a fun little vibe they've created?

Well, eating cupcakes out meant a major component was missing from the decorations at home. It didn't feel like a birthday party without having a cake sitting in the middle of the island! 

I wanted to have something a little special so we set up a tiny candy bar...

A quick trip to Walmart (is that an oxymoron? Is anything quick at Walmart?!) and I picked up 3 of these little cuties. They come in various sizes but I went with the smallest. So glad I would have cost a fortune trying to fill the larger ones up with candy.

Candies of choice...
Double Bubble

Swedish Fish


I printed "Bryn's Birthday Treats" from the computer, cut it out, glued each word on some card stock and wallah, instant fun. The girls loved grabbing a treat here and there throughout the night. Some may have even had swedish fish for breakfast...I'm not tellin'!

Want to know the sad truth?...We went to 2 different Hey Cupcake! locations and both were closed early because they had sold out of cupcakes. Poor Bryn...she settled for Sonic's shakes. Lesson learned...go to Hey Cupcake! at the beginning of the party and not the end!


Lisa Scibilia said...

Love the candy jars - so fun and you could use them throughout the year for holidays too. Wise Walmart investment. Happy Birthday to Bryn! Sonic shakes with friends sounds fun too!

pam {simple details} said...

That cute cupcake shop is worth a trip to Austin, how fun! I'd definitely trade a cake for an outing there. Sounds like your clever candy jars filled the bill for fun and festive treats!

Mac said...

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