Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Transparent topic: Second Chances

Do you have the ability to forgive and forget? 

Are you willing to give someone a second chance after being emotionally hurt by them? 

Today's topic is inspired by my 10 year-old daughter and a recent incident that I witnessed her work her way through. For her 9th birthday, we had a slumber party and there was an incident with a 'friend' that nearly ruined the entire party.... major drama and major jealousy. Bryn's feelings were really hurt. 

Fast forward 1 year to the planning of this year's birthday party. We sat down to make the guest list and Bryn decided to add this same 'friend' to the list again. We discussed if this was a wise choice and she decided to go ahead and include this friend.

Honestly, I was a little nervous. My momma bear instincts were coming out and I didn't want this little girl to have the chance to ruin Bryn's birthday party 2 years in a row! Bryn told me, "Momma, it's okay. We've talked about it and she's going to be nice!"

And guess what friends?...This year's party was a complete success and I'm happy to report there was absolutely. no. drama!!

Can you imagine if Bryn wasn't willing to give her friend a second chance? If she had shut this friend out it would have only fostered more hurt feelings. Instead, Bryn's actions taught a lesson of forgiveness and acceptance. 

Okay, here's the best part of Transparent Tuesdays...do you have something going on that needs a little prayer? Maybe it's a relationship that needs mending or a second chance perhaps? Leave me a comment or send me an email: dfrieling1@gmail.com. I'd be honored to pray for you!


pam {simple details} said...

Wonder where she learned that from? :) I guess that's why the experts suggest we 'let them work it out!' We can learn so much from our kiddos if we stop before rushing in with our 'motherly advice.'

Piper said...

As parents its hard for us to step back and let them handle things their way.... I am sure that you have brought her up teaching her about love & forgiveness.... doesn't it feel good when God shows you that you have done something right?? Thanks for this reminder today...there is a situation that concerns me...Guess I better let her handle it her way!

Lisa Scibilia said...

What a good heart your little girl has!

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