Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogging Made Me Do It! Featuring Janell Beals

As a blogger I often find myself looking for things that are "post worthy" or try to think of projects that would be fun and unique. With this perspective in mind, I began wondering what other bloggers have done simply because of their blog. Did they tackle a huge project because of an expectant audience? Did they find a new hobby or even a  new career perhaps? Did they make a gutsy purchase? Or did they do something that ended up terribly wrong?!

I threw out these questions to a handful of bloggers and I can't wait to see (and share with you) their interpretations of...

What better way to kick off this series than to take a peek into the projects of Janell Beals, House of Fifty founding editor?! 

Here's what Janell had to share:

Thank goodness "Blogging Made Me Do It!" As I look around my home and see the results of projects shared on my blog, I sometimes can't believe I went to all the trouble and worked so hard to see results I could be proud of and enjoy. Having an audience and knowing people would scrutinize the outcome had me trying just that much harder! Thank goodness, because I now get to enjoy the benefits.

Here are a couple of the projects that have me shaking my head however, wondering if I would attempt them again.

First up, the Upholstered Wall Becomes a Headboard in the Master Bedroom. This was a beast made a lot more challenging by the fabric I selected. It was time consuming and tricky to get the pattern to run exactly straight across the width and up the height of the frame. And then to get the fabric taunt enough so it wouldn't sag over time! I called in a friend to help build the frame and install it on the wall. Cumbersome and very heavy, the plan was to glue it to the wall with industrial strength glue and it worked perfectly...though some did raise their eyebrows about that! It was the only way to get it flush up to the tray ceiling and be completely secure. I figure if the day ever comes that I get tired of it, I'll simply have to do a little drywall repair (or call back the friend to help!) But after all the work, it's probably here until the day I sell the house a long time from now.

Click here to read all the posts on this project.

The second project is small in comparison, but it was quite time consuming and again tricky with the need to run a stencil pattern flush up to the inside corners of a tray - to get the project looking fab rather than bad. After stenciling up to the edges as closely as possible I then completed the pattern with a small paint brush by hand. I did the project over a few days as it was a tedious job and I suspect I won't be doing this project again anytime soon. Unless I were to select one large motif stencil pattern that would fit in the center of a tray, that wouldn't require running the pattern up to the edges. Now that would have been smarter. But again, now I have a beautiful tray I get to enjoy!

Click here for the tutorial written for HGTV.

The last project I'd seriously have to think long and hard before trying again was the recovering of a pair of chairs when working on my son's room. The initial plan was to simply make slipcovers, but I didn't like the "sloppy" look and ended up doing a "hybrid" of a slipcover and reupholsery job. It took days and days and hours and hours. However, I adore the outcome of the chairs, and my son loves the room, so in the end the project was worth it. It also provided content for a lot of posts...always a good thing when looking for what to post on one's blog!

Lots of posts written about this one, click here to read them all.

Is it safe to say when Janell tackles a project she does it in a BIG way?! These are only a few of her amazing projects. You could spend hours devouring her blog. And just in case you've been living under a rock and haven't read the Anniversary edition of House of Fifty, then you're in luck because it's full of goodness and inspiration.

Janell's husband, John, shares the story of how the publication came to be (pg.90). It's a must read!

I'm very humbled that Janell shared her time with me and contributed to this series. She's a very classy lady and I can honestly say I spoke the words, to my John, "That's the type of person I want to be like."

I hope you all have a great weekend, friends. It our last free Saturday before swim meets begin. We plan to take full advantage of our sleeping in...those 6am warm-ups are brutal!


A Delightful Design said...

What a great post! Janell is such an inspiration. What a treat to read her post.

pam {simple details} said...

Two of my favorites in the same place! LOVE your new series and what a perfect guest to start it off with a bang! You're both people I aspire to be like. :) Happy weekend!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a fun new series! and i love blogging for the reason that it holds me accountable for doing things. i say on my blog i am going to redo my room, well then i have to do it! it lights a fire under my you know what!

Sonya Sosa said...

Blogging really DOES make us do things we may not do or put off for "someday". What a great idea Dana! Hope you're having a great weekend.

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