Thursday, July 19, 2012

RAK Challenge #42

Most of the time the kids and I head out with a specific random act of kindness in mind, but today's RAK was completely spontaneous.

Let me explain...
I made my kids go with me to Lowes for the 1000th time supplies for our guest room project and when I informed the guy of the extra 25 cuts I needed, he met this request with a complete lack of enthusiasm. Okay, he was downright cranky! His response (insert snarky tone here), "You know you have to pay extra for that, right?" (I'm thinking..."What the heck? Home Depot doesn't charge me. Shame they didn't have what I needed.)

Anyway, as the kids and I waited patiently off to the side we surveyed the situation...

Me: Boy, he sure was cranky. Wonder if he's having a bad day?
Kids: Yeah. You didn't make him happy.
Me: We could just ignore him or we could do something to try to make him smile. You guys have any ideas?
Kids: We could tell his boss he needs a promotion!
Me: Hummm, I think I have a Sonic gift card in my purse. Should we give it to him?
Kids: Um, we really like Sonic, maybe we can just tell his boss he needs a raise!

So, Bryn was mortified that I was planning on giving a complete stranger a gift card, but was kind of intrigued at the same time. She slipped around the corner and peeked through the lumber when the time came.

When Mr. Cranky was finished with our cuts, I simply handed him the gift card and told him the kids and I like doing random acts of kindness and we're giving him the gift card because we appreciate his hard work. After the confusion wore off his face he mumbled "Thanks."

As luck would have it, after checking out I asked for assistance getting the lumber into our car and guess who they called?... Mr. Cranky himself!  He was much nicer this time. Funny how that works, right?!

Okay friends, stock up on a few gift cards then go out and be kind!


pam {simple details} said...

I'll bet he was nice the rest of the day, thanks to you and your RAK crew! Which reminds me I need to send a quick email to a Hobby Lobby mgr. to let them know their employee was amazing!

Whitney @ drab to fab design said...

This is awesome Dana! I can imagine he felt bad for being so rude, and while you and the kids were doing something nice, you probably also taught him a little lesson. :)

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