Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Today's transparent topic: Coincidence vs. Holy Spirit
Okay, so do you remember waaay back when, when I shared in another Transparent Tuesday post about my relationship struggles with my brother? If not, you may want to read it so this post makes a little more sense.

So, a quick little recap...I love my brother deeply but we don't have a lovey dovey relationship. In fact, if we have a full conversation once a quarter then it's a very good year. In light of this, when I was shopping last week it's safe to say my brother was quite possibly the last thing on my mind. That is, until I saw this...

"Wow! Those are my brother's initials, how random!" I thought. And would you believe that these were the only letters in sight? I snapped a quick picture and seized the opportunity to send him a text to let him know I thought about him while I was out shopping.

Here's where my insecurities come into play. I knew I had to send the text quick before I chickened out because honestly I was expecting him to think it was totally cheesy. Or, that I'd make him feel uncomfortable and he wouldn't even respond. He passive aggressively told me once that I live a charmed life and he wishes "he could live life as John's wife."

Okay, so I totally sold my brother short, because here was our texting conversation:
Me: "Thought of u today while out shopping!" (with the above pic attached)
Brother: "Very cool! Think of me now as I am..." (I left the rest off due to its personal nature.)

I was so honored that he shared a side of himself with me that is typically closed off (to me at least). I responded to him and this text resulted in a phone conversation later that evening. It was the most transparent conversation we've had in many, many years!

This is a ton of background to get to my main point. If you're still reading at this point, thanks for hanging in there with me.
Now, I pose this question to you...Do you think seeing his initials in the store was a coincidence or was it the work of the Holy Spirit?

Initially, I passed this off as 'really strange,' but the more I thought about it it became overtly obvious to me that this was NOT a coincidence but rather God was making good on many, many prayers that have been prayed.

He knew I wouldn't have an inkling of a desire to talk to my brother that day so He smacked me in the face with something so obvious that I couldn't help but think of him! Boy, I'm glad I didn't let my insecurities get in the way and keep me from sending that text. There's no doubt in my mind that the 'nudge' I was feeling, was a gift from the Holy Spirit.

I urge you today, friends, to change the way you see things. Open your eyes to the workings of the Lord instead of passing things off as coincidences. Once I started living my life looking through "God eyes," I found myself feeling much more secure and at peace. It's amazing to see His fingerprints all over your daily happenings!

Prayer had such a powerful impact in this situation in my own life and I know it will change your life too. If you'd like me to talk with God about you and any struggles you're wrestling with, please leave me a comment or send me an email: dfrieling1@gmail.com. Nothing's too big or too small to take before the Lord.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i definitely think the signs are placed there for us, but it's up to us to read them. :)

pam {simple details} said...

So cool! I absolutely think he has a hand in much more than we attribute to him. I even think he saves the close parking spaces for me when I'm running late! :)

Whitney @ drab to fab design said...

Great post!! Don't you love it when he "smacks you in the face"?! I'm glad to hear this, as I've been struggling a bit with an old friend. Maybe your post today is his way of saying to me, "go ahead and call her now." Thanks!

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