Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Transparent Tuesday

Today's transparent topic: Control
Are you a control freak? Does your world turn upside down if you don't have every i dotted and t crossed? Have you ever stopped to think how life would be different if you didn't try to control things so much?

I've had a handful of conversations with people recently that have led me to think a lot about control. We try to control things so we can feel in control. Is it possible to have this type of power? Sometimes. But many times it's not possible at all. I think about the time and energy that's spent "controlling" things beyond our control. Honestly, it wears me out.

I think it's time to shake loose this need for control and begin to see the beauty in spontaneity and happy accidents.

Are you trying to control too much in your life right now? Do you need a little prayer coverage to help you give this control over to the Lord? I'd love to pray for you, friends. Leave me a comment or send me an email: dfrieling1@gmail.com.


Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

I think I'm probably guilty of this. Would you please include me in your prayer?!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I know that feeling that way and being so focused on controlling everything in my house, etc ends up controlling me in the end. I needed this post today. Thanks. :)

Piper said...

Oh WOW...OUCH! I am GUILTY!!! And as Karen commented I end up getting controlled in the end. NOT GOOD for me or anyone else.
When interruptions come my way... I lose control and that is hard to bounce back from.
Please do pray for me! This time of year with school getting ready to start back... I am a planner and we have to have a schedule or I tend to lose my mind. Not know if I am coming or going.

Loni said...

Yup, that's a big one for me. I get burnt out when I am in the control freak mode and know that there needs to be less of me and more of Him. Thanks for your prayers!

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