Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creative Storage Solutions

Storage is something we can never have enough of, right? In my opinion, storage is at its best when it's done in a clever manner. It takes a bit of creative thinking but is completely achievable. Here are a handful of examples where function meets design.

This idea is my absolute favorite. So often we limit ourselves to framed pictures in our kitchen solely on countertops, but that's not the case with this solution.

The perfect way to unclutter the countertops...shelves that slide in and out.

Isn't this brilliant? Don't get stuck thinking your tv has to be hung/stored in the traditional manner. With the use of slides and swivels your tv is stealth like in its secret home.

Ahhh, wouldn't it be great to slip your mail and the millions of papers that pile up right into their own spot then close the door?! Tiny space but huge solution.

Here's the answer to the never-ending question of how to hide all those cords. 

All you shorties out there will think this idea is brilliant! Storage plus stairs in cool.

Don't forget about the wasted space under your stairs. Why, yes, it makes perfect sense to turn that space into drawers!

So, friends, I hope your creative juices are flowing now. Look around your house and think outside the box. Evaluate your empty space and repurpose it to make your life easier and less cluttered.

1 comment:

pam {simple details} said...

My favorite is the sliding shelf for appliances - I have one! :) Clever out of the box ideas!

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