Friday, November 16, 2012

Entry Moodboard

My client and I tackled their entry yesterday. Below is a moodboard to give you an idea of what we created. I was minus my good camera so there will be real pictures to follow in a future post.

You're not going to believe how fun this lamp is when it's turned on. The streams of light dance on top of the table and in the curvature of the staircase. It's so unusual and totally unexpected!

Hope your weekend is a fun one, friends.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I'm in love with that art! I need something abstract for my living room…something like this would be perfect. Such a fun pop of color!

pam {simple details} said...

Is this the same fun client with the wall of mirrors? Great mix, wish I had a spot for a tulip table. Happy weekend!

Kamie said...

Do you mind doing a post about your bowbay window curtain rods in the living area? I have those exact type of windows in my home and am at a total loss on how to do the curtains rods.

By the way, we almost bought your floor plan except it had the game room upstairs. The backyard was too small or we would have. We didn't have time to build, so we ended up purchasing a different inventory spec home.

I am waiting for my future new next door neighbor's home to be finished - it is your floor plan and I am dying to share your blog with them.

Thank you so much!

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