Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look for Less

There's no denying that gallery walls and wrapped canvas portraits are trending right now. I absolutely love the look below, but can you imagine how much it would cost to decorate your own house this way?! Crazy money, I tell ya!

I worked with two friends recently and have found myself suggesting they attempt this look through do-it-yourself projects. There are so many creative ways to obtain this look without going broke. Here's my luck, I save and save, then finally pull the trigger only to realize that a week later it's no longer the trend! Anyone else realize you can drive yourself batty trying to stay up with the trends? Friends, find a trend you love, love and run with it. It won't matter when it changes if it's something you enjoy looking at or living in everyday.

Here are two great tutorials that will help you make a gallery wall that's just as beautiful.

Just click on the link for a step by step, how-to and find out what supplies you'll need to have on hand.

This tutorial really surprised me when I read the supply list. That nice, thick look is achieved by wrapping inexpensive black fabric around insulation foam! Time saving tip- have the friends at Home Depot cut it in the exact sizes you need so that's one less step you have to do on your own. Don't you just love those Home Depot guys?!

Feeling inspired yet? I'd love to see your project. Send me a picture!


Tales from the Crib said...

Thanks so much for posting my project Dana! I'll definitely check back into your blog in the future!

(Tales from the Crib)

Melissa said...

Dana you are doing an amazing job with your blog!!! You are blowing me away with the projects you are taking on and how fabulous they are turning out!!!! Your TV cabinet looks incredible!!!! I am also amazed that you are able to come up with a post every day!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!

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