Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pillows made easy

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I thought I'd help you out with some pillow sources. Those of you who are lucky enough to actually have pillows on their couch, that is!

Finding pillows can be a difficult task. It's fun to have that mixed/matched look but hard to achieve. So here's what I've got for you friends. A sight that does the hard work for you! Check this out.

Sold as a set of 9

Sold as a set of 9

Sold as a set of 9

This savvy etsy shop owner has taken the guess work out of coordinating pillows and sells her goods in sets of 9. They cost $180. For those of you reading this early in the morning and don't feel like busting out your math brain, that's only $20 per pillow. That's less expensive than buying pillows at places like Marshall's, Homegoods and TJMaxx. The above photos are just a few of the colorways offered, there are tons more! Ready to shop? Click here.

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