Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reality vs. Fantasy

As I trod my way through my lack of computer skills and try to build this blog, I enlisted the help of a great photographer to help take some shots of my house. I'll be posting a home tour soon, so stay tuned.

Anyway, my sweet daughter loves her some clutter! Quickly, before the photographer arrived I realized her room needed some major styling/editing. So what did I do? Take a peek for yourself...


Yes, that is the bottom of her closet! Thank goodness for closet doors. Don't think you'll ever see me taking the doors off to add a pretty curtain! I need those doors.

Does it make you feel better to see the messiness of another's life? Isn't it nice to know we're all alike and  only an insane person could possibly keep a 9 y.o. girl's bedroom spic and span at all times. So here's another shot, just to help you feel better about yourself, of course.

In my fantasy world, I walk into her room and this is what I see...

What's that? You mean there actually is a white top on your dresser?

Aaahhh! So much better. Clutter makes me cranky. My dear, sweet child, can you make you're mama happy and keep your room like this for more than just one day?! Love you, angel!

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