Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Art of Gift Giving

Tis' the season for gift giving. Have you ever stopped to think about the process? I mean, really think about the process. I think gift giving is an art. Aren't there people in your life who always give you great gifts? And then, there are those who seem to miss the mark!

So, in order to help you become one of those people who always gives a great gift, here are a few important ingredients to stew on...

1. Really think about the person you're buying for. 
*What are their interests?
*If they're younger, think about what you liked when you were that age.
*Do they like sentimental gifts? Make a donation in their name or something homemade.
*Identify their  hobbies but don't let this define the gift. Just because they like cats doesn't mean they want every notepad ever made with a cat on it!
2. Be observant all year long.
*Make mental notes when they tell you they really like something. File it away for birthdays and Christmas.

3. Think about your favorite gifts and why you liked them. Use these reasons when buying for others. Here's an example: One of my favorite gifts from my husband was a book. It was probably the least expensive gift he's ever given me, hence one of the reasons why I loved it. Gifts make me feel guilty (I know, I have issues but that's beside the point!). He knows this about me so he keeps it in mind while shopping. Anyway, the book was so meaningful because of its timing. He gave it to me when the kids were little and honestly, I hadn't read a book in what felt like a million years. He had taken the time to notice what was missing in my life and gifted me a past-time I had forgotten I loved so much. Added bonus...he asked all the women in his office what their favorite books were and picked my book based on his "research." The book he gave me was not something I would have ordinarily picked but it ended up being one of my favorite books ever! Francine Rivers', Redeeming Love, for those of you who were wondering.

4. Think outside the box. Sometimes "things" aren't the best gifts but "experiences" are! If the person is a thrill-seeker, find an outdoor challenge course and buy them a day of adventure. I've seen some really fun ideas on Groupon recently, like zip-lining and human hamster balls.

5. Make sure the gift is something that you're excited to give. That's how you know you've nailed it! When you can't wait to give it to the person because you know they're going to love it!

6. Lastly, make the wrapping enticing. There's nothing better than a pretty present. Think about it friends, when you're at that gift-exchange party, which gift is the first to be chosen?...the pretty one!

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Since there's only 4 days 'til Christmas, I'm sure none of you actually need these tips, because you're done with your shopping of course! But, just in case you're of the procrastinating type, these tips might come in handy!

So how about you...any pointers you're willing to pass on?

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pam {simple details} said...

Oh, I'm famous for buying my husband clothing that I love! Probably wouldn't be on his 'favorite' list! :)

Carly {a simple affair} said...

Couldn't agree more about paying attention year round. That is the best advice I would have to give. I was finished shopping this summer (I know, I know I have problems), but it's because as soon as I heard or thought of something, I bought it so I wouldn't forget. It is so hard to keep the gifts a surprise when I'm so excited to give them to friends and family!

Piper said...

This post is RIGHT ON!! Unfortunately I am guilty of just getting something and marking that name off my list!! I love love Redeeming Love. I rarely ever re-read a book...but that is one that I have read several times. I think its time to read it again!!

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